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Tri-Mode Group Buys More Mercedes-Benz Actros Prime-Movers

Tri-Mode Mercedes-Benz

Tri-Mode had one of the largest Mercedes-Benz truck fleet in the country. The company received 5 new units of the Actros 2644 recently.

Tri-Mode Prefers Actros

The Mercedes-Benz Actros prime-mover continues to be a top choice among hauliers and five new units of the Actros 2644 saw official delivery in a simple handover ceremony to Tri-Mode System (M) Bhd in Port Klang, Selangor recently. The handover was done by Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD), which distributes light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks from Fuso and heavy-duty trucks from Mercedes-Benz.

HSTD Chief Executive Roland Schneider said the company took great pride in every truck delivered. “It is not just about the product; it is also the people who make the difference. After-sales is the key. We are committed to ensure the highest quality product and services. We really want to live up to the brand promise ‘Trucks you can trust’.”

Around 60 guests, including suppliers and business partners as well as the staff and management of both companies, attended the event.

Headquartered in Port Klang, the Tri-Mode Group is a pioneer in providing integrated intermodal logistics solutions and services for importers and exporters. The Tri-Mode Group operates in Port Klang, Penang Port, Pasir Gudang Port, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Penang International Airport. Since 1992, the group has facilitated international trade across borders, handling documents and cargo, warehousing, transhipment and customs brokerage as well as haulage and cargo transport for air, land and sea. It has established an extensive sea and air freight network with agents located in 53 countries across Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia, enabling it to provide comprehensive shipping coverage to customers worldwide.

Group Managing Director Datuk Hew Han Seng noted that Tri-Mode had one of the largest Mercedes-Benz truck fleet in the country. “We first took delivery of 20 units of the Actros 2640 with semi-automatic transmission in 2009 – some 10 years ago. Today, we have slightly above 100 units of Mercedes-Benz trucks. This shows our trust and confidence in the Actros,” he said.

He also noted the Tri-Mode Group in December 2015 had the honour of taking delivery of the 25,000th Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle produced in Malaysia. “That was an Actros 2644 with a fully automatic transmission.”

Hew pointed out that the Actros had proven to be very fuel efficient.  “In our business, vehicle reliability and cost savings are extremely important. Also, very importantly, we are working with a partner who listens to us and takes fast action to solve any issues we have with the trucks. We leave the troubleshooting and vehicle maintenance to professionals so that we could focus on our core business.”

The group’s senior drivers also love driving the Actros and say it is reliable and easy to handle. “Two of our drivers have become trainers for new employees. And they also won a Truck Drivers’ Skills Competition organised by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. We look forward to buying more Mercedes-Benz trucks,” said Hew.

Tri -Mode集团购买更多马赛地Actros牵引车

马赛地Actros牵引车继续成为运输业者的首选。近日,在一个位于雪兰莪巴生港口的简单交车仪式上,合成卡车分销私人有限公司(HSTD)将5辆全新的Actros 2644牵引车移交给Tri-Mode (马)私人有限公司。合成卡车分销是扶桑轻卡、中卡及重卡,以及马赛地重卡经销商。

合成卡车分销首席执行长施耐德(Roland Schneider)表示,公司对每一辆卡车的交付都感到无比自豪。“这不仅关乎产品,是人们使一切变得与众不同。售后服务就是关键。我们立志确保最高的产品品质服务。我们确实想要活出我们的品牌承诺:‘你可信靠的卡车”。“


总部设于巴生港口的Tri-Mode集团,是为进口商和出口商提供综合联运物流解决方案服务的先锋。该集团在巴生港口、槟城港口、巴西古当港口、Tanjung Pelepas港口、吉隆坡国际机场及槟城国际机场都有业务。自1992年起,该公司促进跨边境的国际贸易、处理文件和货物、仓库、转运和报关行、托运及海陆空运输。它在53个国家拥有广泛 的海运和空运网络,其代理遍及亚洲、欧洲、北美洲、南非、非洲及澳大利亚,使它能够为全世界的客户提供完善的运输覆盖。

该集团董事经理拿督Hew Han Seng表示Tri-Mode在国内拥有最大的马赛地卡车车队。“我们 在10年前,也就是2009年收到了20辆半自动排档的Actros 2640牵引车 。今天,我们的车队里拥有100多辆马赛地卡车。这显示了我们对Actros的信心。”

他也表示,Tri-Mode很荣幸地 在2015年12月接获在马来西亚组装的第25,000辆马赛地商用车。“那是Actros 2644全自动排档卡车。”



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