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Thomas Hemmerich: Long Road Ahead for Southeast Asia Electric Mobility

Is Southeast Asia ready for the Electric Vehicle (EV) evolution? Let’s find out… 

MAN All-Set for a Zero-Emission Future

MAN Truck & Bus unveiled its near-series MAN eTruck with a daily range of 600 to 800 kilometres during the IAA Transportation 2022, demonstrating that the company is all-set for a zero-emission future. 

With population and economic growth, emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) technology as well as the rise of environmental awareness, is Southeast Asia ready for the Electric Vehicle (EV) evolution? Truck & Bus News had the honour of sitting down with Thomas Hemmerich, Head of Cluster AustralAsia, who is also the Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus Korea Ltd, a subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus SE, for an interview.

“The adoption of EV depends on countries, the needs and applications as well as the local government’s policy. I am responsible for the Southeast Asia market and there are 13 countries under me. My biggest challenge is that I have everything in products, from Euro 2 up to Euro 6E. For a country in which we sell only five or 10 trucks a year, EV is not sensible. Furthermore, Southeast Asia currently is lacking a charging infrastructure for EVs, “he said……

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随着人口和经济的增长、新兴电动汽车 (EV) 技术和环保意识的提高,东南亚是否已准备好迎接电动汽车 (EV) ?《卡客车新闻》有幸采访到曼恩澳亚业务集群负责人,同时也是曼恩商用车辆股份公司(MAN Truck & Bus SE旗下子公司韩国曼恩商用车辆股份有限公司(MAN Truck & Bus Korea Ltd董事经理托玛斯●亨默里克(Thomas Hemmerich)就该课题展开讨论



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