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The New Setra MultiClass 500 LE Bus

Setra MultiClass Bus

The completely newly developed Setra MultiClass 500 LE sets new standards among low entry inter-city buses.

Three Driver Cockpit Options

Shortly after the premiere of the next generation of the fascinating Setra ComfortClass 500 and TopClass 500 touring coaches, Setra is now opening a new chapter in this segment with the completely newly developed low entry inter-city buses from the MultiClass 500 LE series.

The new MultiClass 500 LE offers a particularly wide product range which is now based on four models. As low entry (LE) vehicles, the quartet combines two worlds: Low-floor convenience and travel comfort. The range includes regular-service bus models with lengths from 10.51 to 14.52 meters and two as well as three axles. They cover applications ranging from peri-urban to long-distance inter-city transport in sparsely populated regions. This means that the new bus generation is proven and tested in the traditional regular and school transport sector, providing shuttle services or feeder and company travel.

At the front, the MultiClass 500 LE takes on the new Setra distinctive look that the brand introduced with the current touring coaches. On the left and right above the front wheels, the characteristic brand element points to the origin of the new MultiClass 500 LE – it is a genuine Setra. This is also demonstrated by the brand logo on the equally strikingly shaped rear end.

Completely low-floor front section, platforms on the left, right or both sides in the direction of travel – the new Setra MultiClass 500 LE has almost no limits when it comes to passenger compartment designs. The interior is practical yet welcoming, from the full and half-height glass partitions in different designs, smooth wall coverings with decorative foils or cozy needle-fleece surfaces to the combination of light and dark paneling. The seating is just as diverse, with designs ranging from urban to touring requirements.

The driver cockpit is just as diverse as the passenger compartment. There are three variants to choose from: Cockpit City (city) in accordance with the specifications of the VDV (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen, Association of German Transport Companies) and Cockpit Basic City (city/inter-city) or Cockpit Basic (inter-city) at touring coach level.

Every Setra is also a genuine safety bus. An example in the new MultiClass 500 LE is the Preventive Brake Assist 2, the next generation of the world’s first active brake assistant for specialised regular-service buses. Preventive Brake Assist 2 uses a combination of close-range and long-range radar sensors and a camera to respond to stationary and moving objects, including pedestrians and cyclists. The system can process multiple objects at the same time. Within system limits, detection of objects outside the roadway is improved and false warnings are minimised.

The driver assistance system warns of a collision with stationary or moving objects. In addition, it simultaneously initiates a braking maneuver with partial braking. The series of warnings and brake application have been designed precisely for use in regular service and thus to protect standing passengers. Preventive Brake Assist 2 will be available as an option from spring 2024.

Like the predecessor series, the new Setra MultiClass 500 LE is also manufactured in the Daimler Buses Hosdere plant near Istanbul in the European part of Turkey. The start of production for the traditional two-axle vehicle sizes with lengths of around 12 and 13 meters is planned from autumn 2023. The compact S 510 LE and the three-axle S 518 LE are expected to follow from the beginning of 2024.

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