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SuperNice Adds 10 Scania Coaches to its Fleet

SuperNice Express has expended its fleet by an additional ten Scania coaches.

SuperNice Benefits from Scania Credit Malaysia’s Flexible Financing Solutions

SuperNice Express, the brand name for Express Seni Budaya (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Unimax Group of Companies has expanded its fleet by an additional ten coaches, financed by Scania Credit and under Ecolution partnership.

The additional ten SuperNice coaches consist of four new Scania K360IB4x2 units, plus six refurbished pre-owned Scania K360IB4x2 (4 units) and Scania K310IB4x2 (2 units).

With Scania Financial assistance, SuperNice will also benefit from the flexible financing solutions by Scania Credit Malaysia, which provides it with predictable costs over the entire lifecycle of each Scania coach. It is a one-stop provider focused on giving its customers tailored and sustainable financial packages that best suit their business needs. Scania Credit Malaysia also offers insurance solutions that help minimise financial loss and handling of damages while optimising uptime. SuperNice can now appreciate how to leverage the credit facilities that are offered so that it can use its cash for other investments, maintaining a steady cash flow for the business…. 

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SuperNice Express 是 Unimax集团公司子公司 Express Seni Budaya (马)私人有限公司的品牌,近期添购了10 辆长巴,通过Ecolution的合作关系,由斯堪尼亚信贷(Scania Credit)提供融资。 

这10 SuperNice长巴包括4辆新款斯堪尼亚 K360IB 4×2 车、6辆翻新的二手斯堪尼亚 K360IB 4×24辆)和斯堪尼亚 K310IB4x2(2 辆)。 

有了斯堪尼亚金融(Scania Financial的援助,SuperNice 将受益于马来西亚斯堪尼亚信贷 (Scania Credit Malaysia灵活的融资解决方案,为每辆斯堪尼亚长途巴士提供整个生命周期内可预测的成本。它是一家一站式供应商,专注于为客户提供最适合其业务需求,量身定制的可持续融资方案。 马来西亚斯堪尼亚信贷还提供保险解决方案,在最大限度地协助用户减少财务损失和处理损伤的同时,优化出勤率。 SuperNice如今可利用该公司所提供的信贷便利,将其现金用于其他投资,为企业保持稳定的现金流…..




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