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Strengthen Employee Education in Field of E-Mobility Through “eLab”

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Co., Ltd will expand its e-mobility training program for employees through its specialised facility “eLab“. 

e-Mobility Training Facility “e-Lab” for Employees at Kawasaki 

In addition to setting up an e-mobility training facility “eLab” for employees at Kawasaki Works, e-mobility is currently being held at the domestic training center of “Fuso Academy“, an in-house educational institution of MFTBC. And the educational program for the electric light truck “eCanter” will be strengthened by the establishment of “eLab” at the Kitsuregawa Research Institute

When dealing with “eCanter” and e-mobility, knowledge different from conventional diesel trucks is required. The “eLab“, which is currently in operation at Kawasaki Works and is scheduled to open near the Kirengawa Research Institute, is equipped with dedicated equipment for learning the functions of electric trucks. The trainees will have basic knowledge related to the mechanism of electric circuits and electric trucks in the vehicle, such as voltage conversion and the mechanism of electric motors, to more specialised knowledge such as appropriate coping methods when working with high voltage technology.

MFTBC is strengthening sales of “eCanter” and accelerating in-house e-mobility education for the electrification of all products in the future. Already, at about 65 sales offices in Japan, one or more customer service representatives have taken e-mobility training, and by the end of 2022, similar training will be provided to the remaining 120 or more bases, and changing customers. In order to meet the needs, we plan to complete the assignment of personnel who have experienced e-mobility training at all bases. Lectures at “eLab” are also the center of a program to train experienced customer service personnel to “eCanter” and “e-mobility experts” who are responsible for educating the company about electrification.

The training center for employees in Japan is equipped with charging equipment compatible with “eCanter“, providing opportunities for local employees and sales staff to learn more about the operation of electric trucks. Of the five training centers in Japan, charging facilities have already been installed at Kawasaki Seisakusho, Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi Prefecture), and Kirengawa Research Institute, and will be introduced at training centers in Sennan (Miyagi Prefecture) and Osaka by the end of 2021. With these electrification-focused programs, MFTBC will accelerate its vision of making all new domestic vehicles carbon-neutral in driving by 2039.

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