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Stamford Tyres Malaysia Launches Falken RI 151 Truck Tyre

Stamford Tyres Falken Truck

Fully imported from Japan, the RI 151 is Falken’s new generation regional truck tyre for the steer axle.

RI 151- The new Generation Regional Truck Tyre from Falken

It has been 4 years since Stamford Tyres Malaysia kick-started its ambition to grow Falken presence further in the truck tyre segment. The company’s investment in branding, on-going tyre testing and introduction of various patterns and specifications clearly reflects its commitment.

“We had a soft launch of the Falken RI 151 truck tyre in 2018. Early last year, we tested the tyres on 10 trucks; each truck has a different application. From general cargo, container haulage to construction and many more. The testing provided results that were satisfactory and the tyre was officially launched early this year,” said Stamford Retread Industries (M) Sdn Bhd Fleet Manager Chiang Chia Heng.

Fully imported from Japan, the RI 151 is Falken’s new generation regional truck tyre for the steer axle. The new tyre features some major improvements such as wider and flatter profile that creates a larger contact area with the road surface, which translated to higher mileages and more even wear. Its enhanced bead construction with nylon filler, which provides higher bead stiffness and endurance, enables the tyre to withstand heavy loads. A flatter footprint is achieved through its optimised contour shape that prevents rapid shoulder wear, which he said was proven through its use by fleet companies.

Other features include stone ejectors that prevent cut damage, help to prolong tyre life and reduce maintenance costs. The 4D Nano-enhanced compound with extra fine carbon makes the tread rubber tougher and reduces cost per kilometre. In addition, the tyre is said to have good retreadability, thanks to its tough casing and precise tread design.

Average Mileage up to 100,000km

When asked about the mileage, he said the average mileage for the RI 151 was about 100,000km, which was comparable with the major brands.

“In short, the tyre is durable, versatile and safe. It has extra wear resistance with high mileage potential, excellent all-season capability and exceptional performance whatever the road condition, with optimum grip and traction.”

Currently, the R1 151 is only available in one size – 295/80R22.5. “In fact, this tyre has 11 sizes, including two light truck sizes – 215/75R17.5 and 235/75R 17.5 – and other common truck and bus radial (TBR) sizes, which are quite complete. We plan to bring in the 315/80R22.5 later as well as other sizes in the near future.”

The RI 151 is competitively priced. “Many major brands of truck tyres are manufactured in Asean or China; only certain patterns are imported from Japan or European countries. Our strength is that all of our Falken TBR tyres are imported from Japan. Falken TBR tyres are manufactured by Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), a Japanese global tyre and rubber company. To convince potential customers, we offer a special price for trial to allow them to test and see the value of our products.”

Investing in brand building

“We understand the importance of branding. A recognisable and reputable brand is one of the most valuable assets of a company. Thus, we are willing to invest in brand building and generate awareness about the Falken brand in the trucking industry and related fields. To do that, we have been consistent in communicating with our dealers and end users across many media including print, on-line and social media advertising, promotions, roadshows and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace.”

Following the official launch of the RI 151, he continued, product buntings were put up at the company’s dealer tyre centres. “We would reward our dealers with a Sumitomo factory visit in Japan,” he added.

As for other new products, he said the company was currently testing the Falken BI 852 TBR tyres.

“The BI 852 is a drive axle tyre for regional use. We have installed the tyres on 5 trucks in various applications. To ensure that the product is suitable for Malaysian market requirements and usages, we would carry out testing for at least half a year before officially introducing it to the industry.”

大马添福轮胎发布飞劲RI 151 卡车轮胎


“我们曾于2018年非正式地发布飞劲RI 151 卡车轮胎。去年年初,我们在10辆不同应用的卡车上安装上该款轮胎并进行测试。这些卡车包括一般货运卡车、集装箱运输及建筑卡车等。我们获得了相当满意的测试结果,并在今年正式发布该轮胎。”添福翻新工业(马)私人有限公司车队经理张家兴表示。

从日本进口的RI 151 是飞劲新一代的区域性转向轴卡车轮胎。这条新轮胎的主要改进包括透过更宽和更平坦胎面,取得更大接地面,带来更高里程数和更均匀的磨耗。它强化的尼龙填料胎唇结构,使胎唇更加坚实和耐磨,以支撑更重的载荷。另外,他指出该轮胎优化的轮胎轮廓形状带来更平坦的足迹,避免胎肩的快速磨损,而这点已获得使用过的车队公司证实。



询及里程数时,他说RI 151 轮胎的里程数大约是100,000公里,与主要品牌的不相上下。

“简而言之,这是条耐磨、 多用途及安全的轮胎。它拥有额外的防磨耗能力、高里程数潜能、卓越的全天候能力及优异的性能,不论路况如何都能展现优化的抓地力和牵引力。”

目前,RI 151 只推出一种尺寸 — 295/80R22.5 。“事实上,该轮胎共有11种规格,包括两种轻卡尺寸 —- 215/75R17.5和235/75R 17.5,以及一般的通销卡客车子午台尺寸,可以说相当完整。我们计划在不久的将来引进315/80R22.5和其他尺寸。”

RI 151 的价格相当具竞争力。“许多的主要卡车轮胎品牌都产自东盟国家或中国,只有少数的款型从日本或欧洲进口。完全从日本进口的飞劲卡客车子午胎,正是我们的优势。飞劲卡客车子午胎是由日本全球轮胎及橡胶公司–住友橡胶株式会社(SRI)生产。为了说服潜在客户,我们提供他们试用价,让他们尝试并见识我们的产品价值。 ”


“我们明白品牌的重要性。一个受认可和有信誉的品牌是公司最珍贵的资产。因此,我们愿意投资于品牌建立,并在卡车行业和其他的相关领域中,增强飞劲品牌的知名度。 为了做到这点,我们总是定时透过书刊、线上及社交媒体的广告、促销,甚至主办路秀及各种推广运动,与全国的代理和终端客户沟通,以便在市场上创建飞劲独特和持久的形象。”

他继续说,随着RI 151卡车轮胎的正式发布, 该公司的代理中心都设置了产品广告横幅。“我们会奖励我们的代理,带他们去参观住友在日本的工厂。”

至于新产品,他说,公司目前仍在测试飞劲BI 852 卡客车子午胎。

“BI 852 是一条驱动轴区域性轮胎。我们将该款轮胎安装在5部不同应用的卡车上。为了确保该轮胎适合马来西亚市场的需求和应用,我们会在正式将轮胎推出市场前,进行至少为期半年的测试。”

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