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Six Major Valeo Innovations Presented at IAA Mobility 2021

Valeo Innovations IAA Mobility 2021

The Valeo innovations presented at the IAA Mobility held in Munich focused on the need for safer, cleaner and more diverse mobility. 

Safer, Cleaner and More Diverse Mobility

The Covid-19 crisis has raised awareness of the importance of health and safety. Valeo is responding to these expectations through innovations that are aligned with today’s needs. One example is Valeo’s development of an ultraviolet ray air purifier for buses and coaches, which eliminates more than 95 per cent of viruses, microbes and bacteria while the vehicle is on the move with passengers on board.

Valeo has developed a vital sign detector that can evaluate a patient’s health risks in collaboration with several hospitals and research institutes. In particular, assess whether they are likely to have Covid or not, using a contactless process that takes less than two minutes. Presented to the world for the first time ever at the IAA Mobility show, the device is based on Valeo’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS), which will soon be integrated into series-produced cars.

For safer mobility, Valeo has made advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) a key focus of its innovations. As a result, one in four new vehicles produced worldwide is fitted with one of its ADAS solutions. Valeo’s expertise covers the entire system from A to Z. This includes both hardware – with the most extensive portfolio of sensors in the automotive industry, as well as the central electronic control units that merge the data collected – and software, which plays an increasingly important role in vehicles.

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