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Sin Hock Soon Introduces 3 New Chengshan Tyres

Sin Hock Soon Chengshan Tyres

Taking centre stage at Sin Hock Soon’s booth in the recent Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2017 were 3 new models of Chengshan TBR (truck bus radial) tyre – CST121, CST126 and CST116A.

Explore the Latest Innovation: Sin Hock Soon Unveils Three New Chengshan Tyres

“The CST121 tyre is suitable for the driving wheel position of mid-long haul trucks. Its enhanced tread compound formula, broader and deeper treads provide longer mileage while its new construction design prevents uneven wear. It has excellent traction and brake performance as well as enhanced wet grip that ensures safety on rainy days,” said Marketing Manager Lim Kok Lian.

The drive axle CST 126 tyre is designed for mid-long haul trucks on mixed road surfaces. It features a mixed groove pattern with open shoulder, which the company claims could effectively reduce heat generation. It is said to provide excellent traction and improved tyre mileage is achieved through broader treads.  It could also prevent sharp and jagged stones from being lodged in the tread grooves.

As to the third tyre CST116A, it is recommended for the steering wheel position of mid-long haul trucks. Features include low rolling resistance that enhances fuel economy and offers higher mileage, specially designed grooves to eject stones effectively as well as special sipes that help resist uneven wear. This new tyre, he stressed, was precise in steering and excellent in handling while generating low heat and noise.

Chengshan’s TBR tyres have passed various certifications such as E-Mark, DOT, ECE, ISO 9001 and Reach. These certifications are testimonies to the level of safety and quality of the products. If maintained properly, Chengshan’s TBR tyres are retreadable for at least 3 times; some can even go to as high as 7 times depending on usage. Although we offer 3 to 6 months warranty from the date of installation and replace any Chengshan TBR tyre due to manufacturing defect, the claim rate is lower than 1 per cent,” added Lim.

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