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Shikoku Mitsubishi Fuso Relocates Anan Service Center

Shikoku Mitsubishi Fuso Sales Co., Ltd. moved the Anan Service Center to Nagakawa-cho, Tokushima-shi and started operations at the new store. 

Mitsubishi Fuso Moved the Anan Service Center from Hiraoka

Shikoku Mitsubishi Fuso has 10 bases in the Shikoku area, and the Anan Service Center is located in the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture, covering Anan City, Komatsushima City, Katsuura District, Naka District, and Kaifu District. In recent years, Mitsubishi Fuso decided to relocate because of the shortage of factory capacity due to the increase in the number of warehousing vehicles and the aging of equipment, and started construction of a new store in December 2020, and the construction has been completed recently.

The site is located along National Highway No. 55, which is the main arterial road, and is the only commercial vehicle maintenance factory in the neighborhood, so it is a good location to meet local maintenance demand. The site secures an area of ​​about 8,300 square meters, which is nearly six times that of the conventional site, and the equipment system is equipped with two 4-pillar lifts, three two-pillar lifts, and one floor lift, and the total number of stalls is increase from 3 to 6. It have also established a new car wash facility to ensure that their customers are more satisfied.

In order to improve the working environment of employees, Mitsubishi Fuso have installed LED lighting and heating and cooling equipment in the maintenance shop. The company are also environmentally friendly by installing solar panels and bio-treatment system equipment. Since the center is a temporary shelter for local residents in the event of a huge Nankai Trough earthquake, the office building has a structure that can accept evacuation at any time. 

Mitsubishi Fuso is pleased that Anan Service Center has been relocated, expanded and grand-opened. The company would like to express their sincere gratitude to all those who supported this project. It is safe and secure for their customers and employees. It has become a state-of-the-art factory pursuing a comfortable space. Mitsubishi Fuso aims to be the No. 1 dealer in Tokushima Prefecture, a company that can contribute to the development of the region by providing sales and after-sales services that are closely related to the region. 

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