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Shell’s End-To-End Solutions for Transport and Logistics Industry

Shell Transport Logistics Industry

Shell‘s end-to-end solution comprises of the Shell Rimula range of lubricants, Shell FuelSave Diesel with Dynaflex Technology and Shell Card.

Shell Malaysia Set to Launch All-New Shell Rimula Ultra

Shell Malaysia showcased its complete end-to-end fleet solutions for the transport and logistics industry at the recent 2019 Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE). 

The solution comprising the Shell Rimula range of premium low viscosity synthetic lubricants, Shell FuelSave Diesel with Dynaflex Technology and Shell Card is expected to benefit fleet operators by helping them achieve optimum efficiency and productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Equipped with the most advanced API CK-4 specifications, Shell says its Rimula premium lubricants are designed to not only achieve greater fuel economy and longer oil drain intervals but are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and loads in tough operating environments, while having a positive impact on lowering emissions.

Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan said customers in Malaysia were rest assured that Shell Rimula lubricants were globally compatible with bio fuels, including the B10 bio diesel in Malaysia.

“As a technology leader, Shell has been evaluating bio diesel’s impact and developing lubricants to meet challenges such as increased oxidation, creation of deposits, changes in oil viscosity and engine component corrosion. Shell Rimula was tested in stringent oxidation, bearing and engine tests and performed above requirements that enhance the value of our end-to-end solutions for the transport and logistics industry,” she said.

In the coming months, Malaysia is set to be the first market in Asean to launch the all-new Shell Rimula Ultra, one of the most advanced fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oils in the world. The new flagship product complies with the latest European ACEA E6 and ACEA E9 specifications and manufacturers’ approval for use in ultra-modern diesel engines that comply with Euro 4 to Euro 6 emission standards. It offers longer oil life and extended oil-drain intervals of up to 150,000km, better engine wear protection under all terrain and weather conditions as well as better fuel economy.

Shell says the benefits from the use of Rimula are amplified when used together with its FuelSave Diesel. This high-quality diesel features Dynaflex Technology and could help keep a vehicle’s engine clean and protected for efficient running. With fuel expenses being one of the largest operating expenditure in running a fleet of vehicles, the annual savings from cleaner and more efficient engines could be significant.

The final part of the end-to-end solutions is managing fuel needs and its operating costs with the Shell Card. Equipped with more than 50 years of experience and expertise, it provides a simpler, more secure and convenient way for fleet owners to purchase high quality fuels and keep their trucks running by enabling access to more than 900 Shell retail stations nationwide. The oil company says the Shell Card could manage fuel expenses efficiently and effectively for companies with a single online invoice coupled with data insights needed for more customised solutions.

Shell was the official fuel and lubricant partner for the 2019 MCVE.


大马蚬壳(Shell Malaysia)在日前举办的2019年大马商用车展(MCVE)上展出专为运输与物流业量身打造的全方位端到端车队解决方案 

此解决方案包含蚬壳Rimula系列优质低黏度合成润滑油、采用Dynaflex技术的蚬壳FuelSave柴油及蚬壳添油卡(Shell Card),预期将为车队营运者带来好处,协助他们实现最佳效率和生存力,降低总拥车成本。

蚬壳说,其蚬壳Rimula优质润滑油符合最先进的API CK-4规格,除了更省油和换油间隔更长外,还能承受极端温度和艰巨的运营环境,碳排放也更低。

蚬壳润滑油(Shell Lubricants)行销总经理陈美君指出,大马客户可以放心的是蚬壳Rimula润滑油能够兼容全球的生物柴油,包括大马的B10生物柴油。


在未来的几个月里,大马将成为东盟国家中首个发布全新蚬壳Rimula Ultra–全球最先进全合成重型柴油引擎润滑油之一的市场。该全新旗舰产品符合欧洲最新的ACEA E6和ACEA E9规格,并获得制造商批准,适合用于符合欧4至欧6排放标准的超现代化柴用引擎。它提供更长的润滑油寿命和延长换油周期至150,000 公里,在所有的地形和天候下提供更好的引擎磨损保护,也更节油。




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