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Shell Malaysia Trading Launches New Light Duty Rimula Engine Lubricants

Shell Malaysia Trading Rimula

The new Shell Rimula Light Duty range comprises the Light Duty LD4 15W-40 (API CI-4) and LD5 10W-40 (API CK-4) Synthetic Technology.

New Range of Shell Rimula Engine Lubricants for Pick-ups and Light Duty Trucks

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd recently launched a new range of Shell Rimula engine lubricants for pick-ups and light duty trucks.

The new Shell Rimula Light Duty range comprises the Light Duty LD4 15W-40 (API CI-4) and LD5 10W-40 (API CK-4) Synthetic Technology. They are specially formulated to ensure optimum performance for trucks that operate in frequent stop-start and idling conditions while carrying variable heavy loads.

The mineral oil-based Shell Rimula Light Duty LD4 is aimed at meeting the needs of light duty trucks that are the workhorses of almost every commercial enterprise. The fully synthetic Light Duty LD5 is suited for pick-ups and other 4×4 trucks. Both are available at selected independent workshops, spare-part shops and Shell retail stations.

Both the Light Duty LD4 and LD5 come in 7.5-litre pails, seen as perfect for a single oil-change without needing top-ups and making it convenient and economical for truckers.

The recommended retail price for the Shell Rimula Light Duty LD4 is RM120 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM121.50 in Sabah and Sarawak.  The Light Duty LD5 is priced at RM195 (Peninsular Malaysia) and RM196.50 (Sabah and Sarawak).

Shell says the Rimula is the market leader in heavy duty diesel engine oils in Malaysia and globally, and the new Light Duty range marks its entry into consumer lubricant segment.

Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan said the bulk of new commercial vehicle sales in Malaysia comprised pick-ups and light duty trucks.

“Pick-ups are no longer just used for commercial purposes.  It is a popular choice for those who pursue active outdoor lifestyles.  Our new Shell Rimula Light Duty range offers superior protection and engine cleanliness, longer oil drain intervals and better fuel economy,” she said.

Barcelona is this year’s Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover Destination

Shell Rimula, which carries the tagline the ‘engine oil that works as hard as you’, is rewarding loyal customers who are passionate about what they do by taking them to ultimate stopover destinations around the world.

The 2019 Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover Barcelona promotion would see guests taken on a journey to experience the vibrant Spanish city renowned for its arts, culture, football and cuisine.

The promotion from 1st March till 30th June, 2019 is open to customers who purchase any Shell Rimula heavy duty and light duty diesel engine oil products with a chance to win an exclusive 5-day 4-night trip to Barcelona. It is said to combine the opportunity to gain a deep insight into the innovation-driven world of Shell Lubricants with experiencing the sights and sounds of the picturesque Mediterranean metropolis.

2018 Ultimate Stopover winner William Teo from Sibu who had the opportunity to experience Dubai said it was an eye-opening experience, especially understanding the technology of Shell diesel technology and other lubricants for heavy duty applications.

“We had the opportunity to experience real world testing of the product through extreme environments, loads and temperatures and other immersive activities. It was a nice balance of knowledge sharing, sightseeing and networking!” he said.

For more information on the new Shell Rimula Light Duty range and the 2019 Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover Promotion, visit


蚬壳马来西亚贸易私人有限公司(Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd)为皮卡(pick-ups)及轻型卡车推出全新蚬壳Rimula引擎润滑油系列

全新的蚬壳Rimula轻型系列产品包括蚬壳 Rimula Light Duty LD4 15W-40(API CI-4)和LD5 10W-40(API CK-4)合成技术。 采用特别配方的它们,可确保卡车在经常停、开、怠速及承载重货时拥有最优化的性能表现。

蚬壳Rimula Light Duty LD4矿物机油,旨在满足几乎在所有企业里都在干苦活的轻型卡车需求,而全合成蚬壳Rimula Light Duty LD5则适合皮卡和其它4X4卡车。它们都有在特选独立车厂丶零部件店以及蚬壳零售加油站出售。

蚬壳 Rimula Light Duty LD4和LD5都以7.5公升桶装出售,适合单次换油且不需再添加,既方便又经济实惠。

蚬壳Rimula Light Duty LD4在大马半岛建议零售价为120令吉,沙巴及砂拉越则121.50令吉。蚬壳 Rimula Light Duty LD5售价为分别为195令吉(大马半岛)和196.50令吉(沙巴及砂拉越)。 



她说:“皮卡已经不再只是商用。它已变成了户外活动爱好者的热门选择。我们的全新蚬壳 Rimula Light Duty除了可为引擎提供优异的保护外,也具有清洁引擎的功效,它拥有较长的换油间隔和更好的燃油经济效应。”

巴赛罗纳是今年蚬壳Rimula Ultimate Stopover景点 

配合蚬壳Rimula的口号:“跟您一样刻苦耐劳的引擎机油”(engine oil that works as hard as you),蚬壳Rimula要奖励那些对工作充满热忱的忠诚客户,带他们到全球各地的景点游玩。

2019年蚬壳Rimula Ultimate Stopover巴赛罗纳促销活动将把嘉宾带到以艺术丶文化丶足球以及料理名满天下且活力四射的西班牙城市。


2018年Ultimate Stopover优胜者是来自诗巫的张永联,畅游了迪拜的他表示该旅途让人大开眼界,尤其是在了解蚬壳柴油科技和其它重型机器润滑油的应用方面。


更多有关全新蚬壳Rimula Light Duty系列产品和2019年蚬壳Rimula Ultimate Stopover促销活动产品的详情,请浏览

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