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Setia Corporation: Foton EST AMT is the Answer for Increased Productivity and Driver Shortage

Shah Alam based Setia Corporation Sdn Bhd has used many different brands of trucks before they decided to invest in Foton EST AMT super truck.

Foton EST AMT Super Truck Helps Improve Driver Impact 

“We tried Continental, Japanese, and other Chinese truck brands beforehand. Our experience with those brands were not as good as the Foton EST AMT. The maintenance for Continental trucks was high while the aftersales service of the Japanese and China trucks was not up to our expectations,” said General Manager Terence Chan. 

The company acquired their first unit of the Foton EST AMT super truck from Mpire Commercial Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Foton vans, pick-ups and prime movers, in 2018. At that time, he revealed, there were not many trucks that came with automatic transmission. “We were looking at automatic or automated manual transmission (AMT) versions mainly due to the shortage of competent drivers. Not only did many newer drivers have fewer experiences with a manual transmission, but we also noticed that it took time for experienced drivers to switch from one truck brand to another with a manual transmission. AMT not only adds accessibility for these drivers but also helps with driver recruitment and retention. Additionally, it helps minimise driver impact, improve safety and overall productivity. Therefore, the launch of the Foton EST, backed by the advanced ZF Traxon AMT technology, was indeed timely with good warranty coverage for us.”

Excellent Overall Performance

Unlike the standard warranty provided by other truck manufacturers or suppliers that covers certain vehicle parts, he said that Mpire Commercial’s warranty covers their entire body of the truck, giving complete coverage to the whole composition of the vehicle. This, he stressed is very critical for them, as it gives them peace of mind knowing that their trucks are protected with no additional hassle further down the line. 

“We know what we need in a truck and Foton EST AMT surpluses our expectations. We were impressed by its overall performance. Powered by the latest Cummins ISG engine that meets the Malaysian regulated Euro III emission, enabling the super truck to generate 2000Nm of torque and 430hp of power with excellent hauling performance. The fuel efficiency is also comparable with other brands.” 

Mpire Commercial added that the Foton EST ATM has an improved aerodynamic design and can be driven in various modes such as crawl and hill start assist. Driver safety and comfort levels are embedded into the infrastructure of the truck, and the Foton EST ATM comes with ABS, ASR and Cabin Crash technology as standard, coupled with ergonomic switches and controls. Other features include an ideal sitting position, excellent angle views for the mirrors, a large cabin with a matching high roof, sufficient storage space and a large, wide bunk with a thick mattress for a good, comfortable rest. 

In the event of a breakdown, which Chan stressed is very unlikely, Mpire Commercial is always in reach and quick in response. “Staffed by experienced and professional personnel, their aftersales service team understand the importance of having our truck repaired and getting it back on the road fast. We have had bad experiences with other brands before whereby our truck was forever sat in their workshop for two weeks,” he added.

Co-developed and manufactured by Foton and Daimler, the Foton EST AMT super truck was a good investment according to Chan, as it offers a massive competitive advantage including advantageous pricing over its rivals. 

To date, the company has 7 units of Foton EST AMT in their fleet. “We will be replacing some of our old trucks and we will definitely purchase more Fotons from Mpire Commercial. They have made our purchase a wise investment as all of the trucks were handed over to us on time and were of the highest quality.” 

Chan gave two thumb ups for the aftersales services and revealed that he would recommend the brand to others. 

Established in 1983, Setia Corporation core activities include transportation, haulage, forwarding, customs clearance, warehouse stock and e-commerce. The company has 6 warehouse locations throughout Shah Alam and Klang, with equipment and a full workforce to manage and monitor the flow of cargo, documentation, sorting, pick-up and packing of cargo according to markings and part numbers according to the customers’ differing preference. 

With ‘Speed, efficiency, trouble-free, integrity and assurance’ as its motto, Chan said that the Setia Corporation is fully committed as a reliable total logistics service provider. “Customised logistics service is also available for any customers who have unique needs and requirements. We have proven our credentials through our highly dedicated professional team and years of experience in the industry. Over the years, we have added many reputable customers to our customer list, such as Hitachi Electric Products (M) Sdn Bhd, Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd, Ninja Van, Shopee, U Mobile, just to name a few. We also extended our trucking, warehouse logistics, forwarding and customs service, as well as e-commerce service to Singapore.”


Setia Corporation:福田EST AMT是提高生产力和司机短缺的答案


位于沙亚南的 Setia Corporation私人有限公司在决定投资福田EST AMT超级卡车之前,已经使用过许多不同品牌的卡车。 

总经理曾国伟表示:“我们曾试用过欧洲大陆、日本和其他的中国卡车品牌。我们对这些品牌的体验不如福田EST AMT。欧洲大陆卡车的维修费用很高,日本和其他中国卡车品牌的售后服务则没有达到我们的预期。” 

2018年,该公司从福田货车、皮卡和牵引车的马来西亚经销商 Mpire Commercial 私人有限公司手中购买了他们的第一辆福田 EST AMT 超级卡车。 他透露说,当时配置自动变速箱的卡车不多。 “我们正在寻找自动或手自一体变速箱 (AMT) 版本,主要是因为缺乏熟练的驾驶员。不仅许多新手驾驶员对手动变速箱的经验较少,我们还注意到即使是有经验的驾驶员在习惯了某个手动变速箱卡车品牌后,要切换到另一个品牌的手动变速箱卡车时也需要时间。AMT 不但能为驾驶员提供便利,而且还有助于驾驶员的招募和保留。此外,它还可大幅减少驾驶员带来的影响,提高安全性和整体生产力。采用先进采埃孚 (ZFTraxon AMT 技术,并拥有良好保修覆盖的福田 EST 的推出,可说是来得非常及时。” 


他说,Mpire Commercial提供的保修,与其他卡车制造商或供应商的标准保修不同。前者只涵盖某些车辆零件,后者则涵盖了整个车身和车辆的整个组成部分。他强调,这非常重要,因为这样的保修让该公司安心,知道他们的卡车受到保护,不会有额外的麻烦。 

“我们知道我们需要怎样的卡车,而福田EST AMT 超出了我们的预期。它的整体性能给我们留下了深刻的印象。搭载符合马来西亚规定的欧III排放标准,可提供2000Nm扭矩和430hp的大功率的最新康明斯ISG引擎,该款卡车具有出色的牵引性能。其燃油效率,也可与其他品牌相媲美。” 

Mpire Commercial补充说,福田 EST ATM 采用改进的空气动力学设计,具有如爬行和坡道起步辅助等各种模式的驾驶功能。驾驶员的安全和舒适度已嵌入卡车的基础设施中,福田 EST ATM 标配 ABSASR 和驾驶室碰撞安全技术,并配备符合人体工程学的开关和控制装置。其他特点包括理想的坐姿、绝佳的镜子视角、匹配高顶宽敞的驾驶室、充足的存储空间以及厚床垫的宽铺,让驾驶员得以享受良好、舒适的休息。 

曾国伟强调说虽然发生故障的机率很低,一旦发生,他们能够轻易地联系上Mpire Commercial,而该公司也能够很快地做出回应。他补充说: “他们的售后服务团队由经验丰富的专业人员组成,他们了解快速将我们的卡车修理好,以便它能重新上路的重要性。之前,我们曾经与其他品牌有过不愉快的经历,我们的卡车在他们的车间里搁置了两个星期。” 

据曾国伟说,福田和戴姆勒共同开发和制造的福田 EST AMT 超级卡车是一项不错的投资,因为它提供了巨大的竞争优势,包括比竞争对手更优惠的价格。 

迄今为止,该公司的车队中有 7 辆福田 EST AMT。 “我们将更换一些旧卡车,而我们肯定会向 Mpire Commercial 购买更多的福田卡车。他们把我们的购买变成一项明智的投资,不仅按时将卡车交付给我们,而且质量都是上乘。” 

曾国伟对Mpire Commercial赞不绝口,并透露说他会向其他业者推介该品牌的卡车。 

Setia Corporation 成立于 1983 年,其核心业务包括运输、拖运、转运、清关、仓储和电子商务。该公司在沙亚南和巴生设有 6 个仓库,并拥有完整的设备和员工团队,可按客户的不同偏好标记零件编号,管理和监控货物的流动、文件、分类、提货和包装。 

以“速度、效率、无故障、诚信和保证”为座右铭,曾国伟说Setia Corporation致力于成为可靠的整体物流服务供应商。 “定制物流服务适用于任何拥有独特需求和要求的客户。我们通过高度敬业的专业团队和多年的行业经验,证明了我们的资质。多年来,我们的客户名单中增加了许多信誉良好的公司如日立电器产品(马)私人有限公司、Maxis Broadband私人有限公司、Ninja Van、虾皮(Shopee、U Mobile 等。我们还将卡车运输、仓储物流、转运和海关服务以及电子商务服务扩展到新加坡。”




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