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Seri Harmoni Haulage Expands Fleet with MAN Heavy-Duty Distribution Trucks

MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN) recently delivered eight MAN TGS 33.480 6×4 trucks to Seri Harmoni Haulage Sdn Bhd, bringing the total of MAN vehicles in the transporter’s fleet to 98. 

The new heavy-duty distribution trucks would be used with Seri Harmoni’s low-bed trailers to transport concrete and steel structures as well as heavy machinery and industrial parts for its customers. 

“In our business, we need a strong and reliable partner to help us deliver the best transportation services to our customers. For more than a decade, that partner is MAN and we are extremely pleased that we could continue to count on MAN to support us in our expansion”, said Koh Pek Hao, Managing Director of Seri Harmoni Haulage.

With its powerful engines and unique ergonomics, the MAN TGS 33.480 6×4 is seen as the ideal vehicle for heavy-duty distribution transport. Paired with low-bed trailers, the vehicles offer powerful performance for heavy haulage and come with maximum traction and great fuel economy. 

“Forward-thinking cost management is absolutely essential for transporters and one of our priorities is helping our customers in that area. The MAN TGS not only delivers high payload but is able to help Seri Harmoni achieve the best fuel consumption rate with its engine and exhaust gas technology, resulting in low operating costs,” said Hartmut Mueller, Managing Director of MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd at the handover ceremony.


Seri Harmoni运输以曼重型配送卡车扩充车队


近日,曼商用车(马)私人有限公司将8辆曼TGS 33.480卡车移交Seri Harmoni 运输私人有限公司。随着这次的交付,该公司车队如今拥有64辆曼卡车。

这些新的重型配送卡车将用于Seri Harmoni低架挂车,作为混泥土和钢结构,重型机器及客户工业部件运输用途。

“我们这一个行业,需要强大和可靠的伙伴来协助我们为客户提供最好的运输服务 。我们与曼有超过10年的合作关系,今后也将继续依靠曼来支持我们的业务扩充。”Seri Harmoni董事经理Koh Pek Hao表示。

搭载动力强大的引擎,拥有符合人体工程学独特设计的曼TGS 33.480 6X4是重型配送运输的不二选择。搭配低架挂车,该款卡车拥有运输重型货物的强大性能,油耗低且具有强大的牵引力。

“前瞻性成本管理对运输业来说绝对重要,而这正是我们协助客户的优先事项之一。曼TGS不仅提供高载荷,还能透过其引擎和排气技术,协助Seri Harmoni 达到最佳的油耗率,带来更低的运营成本。”曼商用车(马)私人有限公司董事经理在该交车仪式上表示。

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