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Seminar Talk On B20 Biodiesel

The ‘Seminar Talk about B20 Biodiesel’, was successfully held with a good turnout in Senai, Johor on 16th November, 2019.

Johor Trucking Association & Greatocean Automobile Jointly Organise Seminar Talk

A recent talk on the B20 Biodiesel was jointly organised by the Johor Trucking Association and Greatocean Automobile Supply Sdn Bhd, the authorised distributor of Valvoline

The talk, titled ‘Seminar Talk about B20 Biodiesel’, was successfully held with a good turnout in Senai, Johor on 16th November, 2019. Eighty participants from more than 70 entities attended the seminar, including diesel-based combustion engine/machine operators such as truck, bus and car owners; Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engine/machine suppliers including  Scania, Volvo and Hino; used truck/machine importers as well as genuine/OEM spare-part suppliers. 

The main speaker was Foo Siew Mun and the content covered how B20 biodiesel would affect the combustion engine and relevant parts, preventive measures for existing engines and routine maintenance changes one needed when using this biodiesel, and what needed to be taken into consideration for future truck purchase, such as engine, spare-parts and machine for combustion engine users. He also helped the audience to explore the alternatives they have with the mandatory implementation of biodiesel in Malaysia. 

Areas relevant to the OEM machine/engine suppliers discussed at the seminar included whether their existing engine design was suitable for the near future market requirement as well as the opportunity/risk that was in store for their existing customers. He also touched on topics such as whether existing parts were still relevant to market demand and what should the genuine/OEM parts distributors recommend to their customers in adapting to the changes following the use of this biodiesel. 

Greatocean Automobile Supply, YonMing Group and European Auto & Services were the main sponsors for the seminar. 


B20 生物柴油研讨会 


柔佛罗里同业公会 与Valvoline 授权经销商 Greatocean 汽车供应私人有限公司,联手主办一个有关B20生物柴油的研讨会。 


该研讨会的主讲人是Foo Siew Mun,内容包含B20 柴油对内燃机和相关部零部件的影响 、采用该生物柴油时,应对现有引擎采取的防范措施和日常维护的改变,以及在未来购买卡车时,需要考虑的地方如引擎、备件及机器。他也协助听众在马来西亚强制使用生物柴油时,发掘其他的替代方案。 



该研讨会的主要赞助商有Greatocean 汽车供应、洋珉集团及欧洲汽车及服务 。


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