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Sea Hawk Receives First Batch of 10 Scania NTGs

Sea Hawk received the first batch of 10 New Truck Generation (NTG) of the 40 units ordered from Scania.   

Sea Hawk Invests in Scania NTGs 

Scania delivered the first batch of 10 New Truck Generation (NTG) of the 40 units ordered with Repair & Maintenance (R&M) Contract and Scania Financial Services to Sea Hawk Global Lines Sdn Bhd.  A 10-year complimentary Scania Fleet Management System (FMS) Control 10 was extended for all the 40 NTGs.

The G410 A6X2NZ Sleeper Cabs were handed over by Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia, to Mohamed Ariff, Chairman of SHAL Group (Sea Hawk LinesSea Hawk parent company from India). S. Kamalesh, Director of Sea Hawk, and top management from SHAL and Sea Hawk supported the handover with their presence. Scania says its fit-for-purpose solution would help Sea Hawk find the ‘perfect balance’ in uptime, payload, and fuel efficiency. 

The R&M contract would give Sea Hawk worry-free operation due to predictable costs for seven years. Sea Hawk could focus on its business by fully utilising the NTGs with planned downtime giving maximum uptime due to the precise scheduling for repairs and maintenance with readily available parts, eliminating disruptions in its daily operations…..

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Sea Hawk收到首批10辆斯堪尼亚全新一代卡车


Sea Hawk Global Lines 私人有限公司向斯堪尼亚订购了40辆全新一代卡车(NTG),包括日前交付的首批10辆。全数卡车都具有有维修和保养 (R&M) 合同,并采用斯堪尼亚的融资服务。这些卡车也都享有10年免费的斯堪尼亚车队管理系统监控 10 Scania FMS Control 10)。 

斯堪尼亚东南亚区董事经理赫芭(Heba El Tarifi)将G410 A6X2NZ 卧铺驾驶室卡车移交给Sea Hawk Lines母公司印度SHAL集团董事长阿里夫(Mohamed Ariff)。 Sea Hawk董事卡玛莱什(S.Kamalesh), SHALSea Hawk高管都出席了此次的移交仪式。斯堪尼亚表示,其量身定制的解决方案将帮助 Sea Hawk 在出勤率、有效载荷和燃油效率方面取得完美平衡。

在R&M合同下,七年的可预测成本将使Sea Hawk无忧运营。 Sea Hawk能够专注于其业务,现成的零件和精确的维修安排,可以最大限度地延长出勤率,从而消除日常运营中断,确保其全新一代卡车的停机时间都在计划之内…..




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