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Scania XT Truck Enters Construction Segment in Malaysia with STLS Group

Scania XT has a robust design and engines to take on the harsh working conditions in the construction and mining industries.

STLS Group Receives its First Scania XT

Scania XT, part of the wide range of the New Truck Generation, has entered the construction segment in Malaysia with Sara Transport and Logistic Services Group (STLS Group), receiving its first Scania XT, ready to tackle the toughest challenges while securing uptime and boosting productivity. 

Scania XT has a robust design that can be combined with all cabs and engines to take on the harsh working conditions in particular within the construction and mining industries. Visually, the highly sturdy heavy-duty bumper that protrudes 150 millimetres in front of the cab coupled with the skid plate and headlamp protection mesh lend the XT a distinctive appearance that signals both strength and toughness. These features also provide extra protection against fairly heavy impact or collisions to the truck’s front. An easily accessible towing bolt that is classified for 40 tonnes is also available at the front in case the truck has to pull something out or should it need assistance when laden. 

In addition, Scania XT is part of Scania’s modular system whereby XT customers are able to tailor-make solutions that fit with their business requirements allowing the XT to perform different applications such as tipper, mixer, skip loader, flatbed with crane, and heavy haulage. The customisable interior that is designed to be dirt and dust resistant also provides the driver with a safe and comfortable working environment. 

Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström explained that the “Scania XT is a truck model that is suited for the most challenging tasks such as those in construction and mining, where characteristics such as robustness, productivity and uptime are crucial. Customers can truly take advantage of the great fuel economy maximised uptime, and lower operating cost, thus providing them with higher profitability.” 

STLS Group recently purchased 2 units of Scania’s New Truck Generation G460A6X4NZ XT model under a hire purchase agreement with Scania Credit Malaysia to strengthen the premier bulk sand supplier’s current fleet. The Scania XT truck also come with a two-year Repair and Maintenance Package to provide STLS Group with peace-of-mind and maximum uptime while focusing on their profitability. Currently, STLS Group owns 6 Scania PGR range vehicles that are under a two-year Maintenance Package and has been a Scania customer since 2012. 

“Being Malaysia’s premier bulk sand supplier, our trucks are constantly working under tough road conditions daily. STLS Group strategy 2025 focuses on becoming the most distinctive company in a market characterised by disruptive change, and we strongly believe that the Scania XT is the right candidate to complete our task and deliver results, especially due to its high performance, fuel efficiency and durable design,” commented STLS Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Saravanan.




新一代卡车(New Truck Generation)成员之一的斯堪尼亚XT(Scania XT)系列与Sara运输及物流服务集团(STLS集团)一起进军大马建筑业领域。Sara运输及物流服务集团接获它的第一辆斯堪尼亚XT卡车,为最艰难挑战做好准备的同时,确保出勤率和提高生产力。

斯堪尼亚XT系列设计坚固,可搭配各种驾驶室和引擎,承受艰难的工作条件,特别是建筑领域与矿业。 坚固耐用的重型保险杆从驾驶室前方延伸150mm, 搭配防滑板和拥有金属保护网保护的车头灯使它具有独特,充满力量和韧性的外观。这些特点能够在卡车车头受到大力撞击时提供保护。牵引装置隐藏在可折叠牌照架里面, 此拥有40 吨的拉力的装置 能在卡车需要拖拉某些东西或负载时提供协助。


斯堪尼亚东南亚区董事经理玛丽(Marie Sjödin Enström)解释:“斯堪尼亚XT是一款适合最具挑战性工作如建筑业和矿业的卡车,坚固、高生产力和出勤力都是它的关键特质。客户能够利用其节油、最大出勤率,较低营运成本,能够为他们提供较高利润的优点。”

STLS集团近日采用马来西亚斯堪尼亚信贷所提供的融资服务,购买了两辆斯堪尼亚新一代卡车G460A6X4NZ XT型号的卡车,以强化车队。斯堪尼亚XT卡车附带两年修理及养护配套,确保最高的出勤率,让STLS集团能够无忧地专注在利润上 。目前,自2012年以来就是斯堪尼亚客户的该集团拥有6辆斯堪尼亚PGR系列,这些卡车也都附带两年的修理及养护配套。

“作为马来西亚顶级散砂供应商,我们的卡车每天都是在艰难的环境中工作。STLS的2025年策略重点是在这充满颠覆性改变的市场中,成为最有特色的公司。 我们相信斯堪尼亚XT是最适合的选择,凭借着它的高性能、燃油效率及可靠的设计,必能完成我们的任务和交付成果 。”STLS集团首席执行员拿督萨拉瓦纳(Dato’ Saravanan)表示。



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