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Scania Launches Battery Electric Trucks in Singapore

Scania Singapore recently announced that it had commenced sales for its battery electric trucks from 6th April, 2022.

ALBA W&H Smart City Invests in Scania Battery Electric Bus 

It also announced the signing of a sales agreement with its first customer, ALBA W&H Smart City, for 15 battery electric trucks, the first European-branded battery electric trucks in Singapore.

The L230B6X2*4NB trucks would be delivered in two batches. With the initial batch, which is already in the production plan, Scania would homologate its battery electric trucks and the respective charging infrastructure in Singapore, while the second batch would demonstrate Scania’s ability to roll out the vehicles at fleet level.

In launching the battery electric trucks, Scania aims to contribute to Singapore’s goal for all vehicles to run on cleaner energy by 2040 as well as Scania’s science-based targets for a 20-per cent reduction in Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions generated through customers’ use of its products…….

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斯堪尼亚新加坡公司最近宣布,其电池电动卡车已于 2022 4 6 日开始销售。它还宣布与其第一名客户欧绿保W&H智慧城市(ALBA W&H Smart City)签署购买15 辆电池电动卡车的协议。斯堪尼亚因此成为第一个打入新加坡市场的欧洲电池电动卡车品牌。


在推出电池电动卡车时,斯堪尼亚旨在为新加坡的目标做出贡献—-即到 2040 年所有车辆都将使用清洁能源,以及斯堪尼亚基于科学的目标–将客户因使用其产品所产生的范围3温室气体排放量减少20%…….




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