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Scania Launches Award Winning New Truck Generation

The Scania New Truck Generation is developed for long haulage, construction and urban applications, with a strong focus on customer profitability.

Discover the New Truck Generation

Scania recently introduced its latest award-winning New Truck Generation in Malaysia that is designed and engineered to give fleet owners greater total operating economy and profitability as well as lower CO2 emissions.

The New Truck Generation by Scania is equipped with powertrain innovations that cut fuel costs by 3 per cent, the result of the company’s largest-ever investment of some SEK 20 billion (RM10 billion), 10 years of development work and more than 10 million kilometres of test driving.

“Our New Truck Generation has won many awards since the launch in Europe like the International Truck of the year award and achieved 100 per cent in all European press tests, twice. In addition to enhancing vehicle performance, we also recognise that the driver plays a significant role in the success of our customers’ business. This could be experienced with the new Generation as well.  It includes enhanced cab safety, enriched driver’s environment and improved driveability that makes a happy driver and inevitably a happy business,” said Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

Facilitating the drive towards sustainable transport solutions, the new Scania trucks are designed to achieve up to 3 per cent reduction in fuel consumption on conventional Euro 3 diesel engines that are now in the third generation and rely on selective catalytic reduction technology for exhaust.

“Fuel savings translate directly to reduced operating costs and with the latest updates, we could guarantee a further reduction in consumption for all the diesel powertrains in our new truck range that is tailored to address specific challenges for fleet operators and owners,” said Marie.

Scania’s New Truck Generation has received several international accolades. It topped the 1,000 Point Test in 2016 and 2017, a fuel performance challenge scored by European trucking journalists and organised by Germany’s ETM Verlag.

New Modular Range

The new generation is developed for long haulage, construction and urban applications, with a strong focus on customer profitability.

It features design and technical improvements to the P-series, G-series and R-series cabs that were mainstays of the PGR generation. In addition, the launch also revealed the new L-series and S-series cabs to complete the full range of options for Malaysian customers.

The L-series cab is purpose-designed for urban applications – such as distribution, refuse collection and maintenance. It is a spacious low cab that puts the driver at the same level as other vehicles on the road.

Meanwhile, the S-series cab, the tallest in the range, features a flat floor and high roof to maximise interior space and comfort for long-distance driving. It clinched the prestigious International Truck of the Year 2017 and was judged to deliver substantial improvements in cab aerodynamics, driveability, comfort, safety and driveline performance.

Scania also introduced the XT range with additional technical specifications to enhance the robustness of trucks that work in rough terrains such as construction sites. These include a high air intake to supply the engine with the cleanest air possible in dusty environments and a front tow pin with 40-tonne towing capacity to pull out the truck quickly.

The XT range also features a sturdy steel bumper, skid plate and headlamp protection to withstand harsh working conditions. The addition of a fold-out service step in the bumper and an inspection step at the cab side, together with grab handles allows safe and easy access to check the engine, body or cargo.

The new generation continues to adopt Scania’s unique modular system, where customers could customise it according to their choice of cabs, engines and chassis. This system maximises spare-parts availability and minimises downtime for vehicles needing repairs and replacements, allowing customers to benefit from incremental revenues.

Safety Focus

In safety, the new trucks feature a more robust monocoque structure with high tensile steel, engineered in collaboration with Scania’s sister company, Porsche Engineering. The repositioned front axle 50mm closer to the front and a lower centre of gravity create a shorter overhang to reduce front cabin dipping under heavy braking.  The 30-inch brake chambers for the disc brakes on the front axle guarantees good braking performance. These active safety features improve braking distance by 5 per cent, from 40 metres to 38 metres for a truck with a 40-tonne gross trailer weight assuming the same tyre and road conditions.

First in Malaysia, the new generation features rollover side curtain airbags, which could potentially reduce fatalities from rollover accidents by up to 25 per cent. The Scania engineers who designed this innovative feature were recognised with the European Traffic Safety Award for Commercial Vehicles in 2017.

“No effort was spared in the extensive development process to ensure that the drivers enjoy the best possible visibility, manoeuvrability, comfort and driving experience to ensure the safest interaction with other road users,” said Marie.

Scania Total Solutions

Scania continues to provide a package of productivity-enhancing services for customers to unlock more value from their new trucks. This includes the widest service network in Malaysia that provides the best services for safety, fuel economy, uptime and environmentally friendly solutions for truck, bus and coach operations.

Since the new generation was first introduced in Europe in late-2016, more than 79,000 units of trucks were sold worldwide.

In Malaysia, the trucks received overwhelming response during the pre-launch period in 2018. To-date, above 28 customers had purchased more than 125 trucks.





斯堪尼亚新一代卡车配备创新的动力总成,可节省3%的燃油成本,是该公司有史以来最具规模的开发项目,耗资约100 亿零吉,经过10年研发和超过1,000万公里驾驶测试的新产品。

“我们的新一代卡车自欧洲推出以来,横扫无数奖项如国际年度卡车,并两次达到百分之百欧洲媒体测试。在提升车辆性能外,我们也认可司机在客户业务的成功上扮演着举足轻重的角色。为此,我们新一代卡车提升了驾驶室的安全性、丰富驾驶员工作环境及改善驾驶性能,因为愉快的司机将成就开心事业。”东南亚斯堪尼亚董事经理玛丽(Marie Sjödin Enström)表示。

这些搭载第三代传统欧3柴油引擎的新斯堪尼亚卡车,可实现3% 的燃油节省,采用选择性催化还原技术进行废气排放,协助推动持续性解决方案。

“燃油节省可直接降低营运成本。为了解决车队营运者和业主所面对的特定挑战,我们推出了配备最新升级柴油动力总成的新卡车系列,更进一步节省油耗省 。”她说。

斯堪尼亚新一代卡车荣获多项国际赞誉。它在2016和2017年的“千点竞赛”(1000 Point Test)中荣获榜首。这是德国ETM Verlag出版集团主办,由欧洲卡车媒体记者编辑针对欧洲市场上的主要卡车进行实地驾驶测试和评分的燃油性能挑战赛。






斯堪尼亚也推介了具备额外技术规格的XT系列,使该车型更为强悍,适用于粗糙地形如建筑工地。这些技术特点包括高进气口, 以便在尘土飞扬的环境中为引擎提供最洁净的空气,还有配备40 吨牵引能力的前牵引销,能够快速拉出卡车。




在安全方面,这些新卡车具有以高强度钢制成的坚固单壳体结构,与斯堪尼亚姐妹公司Porsche Engineering合作设计。该重新定位的前轴更接近前面50mm,较低的地心引力,创造了一个较短的悬垂, 并降低大力刹车时的前驾驶室倾斜。前轴盘式制动器的30 寸制动室确保良好的刹车功能。这些积极的安全特点将制动距离缩短了5%,使吨总重量为40吨的拖车刹车距离,在采用同样的轮胎和路况下,从原来的40米降至30米。





斯堪尼亚新一代卡车自2016年年底推出以来,已经在全球售出了79,000 辆。











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