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Scania Hands Over R560 V8 XT to Kiong Ngee Engineering

Scania Kiong Ngee Engineering

Scania handed over the first Scania R560A6x4NZ V8 Heavy Haulage XT in Labuan to Kiong Ngee Engineering Sdn Bhd recently.

Scania XT Comes Fitted With Standard Safety Features

The key was handed over by Bonnie Anjun, Solution Sales Executive, Scania Southeast Asia, to Su Puong Ping, Managing Director, Kiong Ngee.

This XT comes fitted with standard safety features such as the technologically advanced Electronic Braking System (EBS), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with traction control, Hill hold to avoid the XT from moving when stopping on hilly roads and Daytime Running Light (DRL) for better visibility. The large windscreen with extended view makes it easier for the driver to operate in a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, the adjustable seat that is close to the door enables easy access while the ergonomic dashboard, seven-inch touch screen monitor for ease of operation, additional overhead storage and a sleeper in the cabin for resting between hauls are said to make the XT a home away from home.

Designed and engineered to give Kiong Ngee better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, the XT is equipped with an advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that gives up to three per cent improved fuel economy. The Scania V8 engine, together with the Scania Opticruise gearbox and a rear axle gear adapted for cruising on direct drive, is said to give further fuel savings of up to six per cent. The wide gear ratio spread makes it possible to optimise the rear axle gear for low engine rpm in cruising speed, without compromising startability. This gives a high performing powertrain for a profitable and more sustainable business. The pre-set Economy Mode with Opticruise is expected to save even more fuel.

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斯堪尼亚将R560 V8 XT 交付Kiong Ngee Engineering

斯堪尼亚近日将纳闽的第一辆斯堪尼亚R560A6x4NZ V8 XT 重型牵引车交付给 Kiong Ngee Engineering私人有限公司。斯堪尼亚东南亚解决方案销售主管安君 (Bonnie Anjun)把钥匙移交给Kiong Ngee董事经理Su Puong Ping。

这款XT配备了标准的安全功能如技术先进的电子制动系统 (EBS)、带牵引力控制的防锁死制动系统 (ABS)、坡道保持以避免XT在丘陵道路上停车时移动,还有可提高可见性的日间行车灯( DRL)。其视野开阔的大挡风玻璃,驾驶起来更舒适安全。此外,还有靠近车门的可调节座椅方便进出,符合人体工学的仪表板、便于操作的七寸触摸屏、额外的头顶储物空间,以及让驾驶员能够在中途休息的驾驶室卧铺,XT因此给人舒心如家的感觉。

XT的设计和制造旨在为 Kiong Ngee 提供更好的燃油效率和更低的二氧化碳排放量,它配备了先进的动力总成和空气动力学解决方案,可节省高达3%的油耗。据悉,再加上斯堪尼亚V8引擎和斯堪尼亚Opticruise变速箱,以及适合直接驱动巡航的后轴齿轮,可进一步节省高达6%的燃油。较宽的传动比范围可优化后轴齿轮,并在巡航速度下实现低引擎转速,而且不会影响启动性能。如此一来,其高性能的动力总成便可为用户带来盈利和更可持续的业务。 再者,Opticruise的预设经济模式更为节油…..


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