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SAF-Holland China Introduces E-drive Axle at Automechanika Shanghai 2018

The new E-drive Axle is suitable for refrigerator semi-trailers, semi-trailers on rough roads, pure electric trucks and television broadcast trucks.

SAF-Holland China at Automechanika Shanghai 2018

SAF-Holland China participated in the Automechanika Shanghai 2018, which was held from 28th November to 1st December at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai. Taking centre-stage at the company’s booth was the E-drive Axle.

According to E-drive Engineer Yan Zijiang, the E-drive Axle made its debut at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hannover last year. This was a new product developed by SAF-Holland China especially for the Chinese logistics market.

“We started developing this product in February last year and completed it in August the same year. There are similar products in the market but they are mostly high-end products from the European countries that sell at far higher prices. In addition, they are not so suitable for our local market.”

With a load capacity of 13 tonnes, the new E-drive Axle is said to be suitable for refrigerator semi- trailers, semi-trailers on rough roads such as the steep inclines in mountainous areas, pure electric trucks and television broadcast trucks.

“The E-drive module recovers the energy during braking or driving downhill and transforms the motion energy of the vehicle into electrical energy. This energy is stored in a lithium-ion battery and used subsequently for auxiliary units in the semi-trailer, such as cooling systems, heaters, lighting, tail lifts and others. The stored energy could also be the main drive support for the semi-trailer on difficult terrain, including sloping or muddy roads, ensuring safety and driveability. The integrated E-drive design combines the E-drive module and the axle is maintenance free; thus, there is no extra maintenance and servicing cost. The truck could be driven by multiple axles instead of the engine, achieving full-electric drive,” he explained.

He also revealed that the company was in the process of applying for the patent right for this new E-drive Axle.



亮相2018年Automechanika Shanghai 展


中国赛夫华兰德(SAF-Holland)参与从11月28日至12月1日在上海国家会展中心盛大举行的2018年Automechanika Shanghai 展。 电驱动车轴是该公司重点展出的产品。






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