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Roman Sitte on MAN’s e-Readiness

Roman Sitte MAN e-Readiness

Roman Sitte, Senior Vice President, Head of Sales Area International, MAN Truck & Bus SE, shared his thoughts on EV adoption and outlook.

The Future of Diesel Engine and the Alternatives

2021 is indeed a turning point for the trucking industry. Fifteen countries agreed to work together towards 100-per cent zero-emission new truck and bus sales by 2040.

This was followed by the announcement by several manufacturers that they were gearing up to produce and deploy medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs). Does this imply that the future would only be electric?

“It would not only be electric. We believe that in the next 10 to 15 years, electric would definitely dominate alternative powertrains. However, we also believe that diesel engines would have many years to go as there are many applications that could not be switched to electric vehicles. For example, heavy cranes or concrete pumps; until we have a really strong battery to power the vehicles, including the body with battery, this would take some time,” said Roman Sitte, Senior Vice President, Head of Sales Area International, MAN Truck & Bus SE, during the IAA Transportation 2022.

The trucking industry was in a transition, he continued, and MAN had to be flexible during this period, offering what would best serve its customer needs. Fuel cells and hydrogen, he pointed out, would not be the dominant alternative powertrains for two reasons. Firstly, he explained, was the availability of hydrogen. The manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry as well steel-making plants were fuelled by hydrogen and these industries had no other alternatives. With the relatively limited supply of hydrogen, the government would therefore look to their needs first….

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“我们认为不会只是电气。我们相信,在未来10 至 15 年里,电气化系统肯定会主导替代动力系统。然而,我们也相信柴油引擎还能继续发展很多年,直到我们拥有真正强大的电池为车辆(包括带电池的车身)供电前,因为有许多应用仍然无法切换到电动车。例如,重型起重机或混凝土泵,而这需要一些时间。”曼恩商用车公司(MAN Truck & Bus SE)高级副总裁兼国际销售区域负责人罗曼●席特(Roman Sitte)在2022年IAA运输展期间接受本刊专访时表示。



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