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Roadone Launches New QA919, Adds New HF21 & GD08 Tyre Sizes

Roadone HF21 GD08 Tyre

Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Roadone tyres in Malaysia, recently announced a new light truck radial (LTR) tyre, the QA919.

Roadone Tyres Engineered to Meet Specific Needs

“Engineered to meet the specific needs of mining terrain, low slopes, unpaved roads with extremely bad conditions and mixed roads, the new tyre is an all-position tyre (most recommended for drive position),” says Sales Manager Goh Chee Shing.

Suitable for short and medium distance heavy load trucks, the QA919 tyre has unique horizontal and vertical grooves, and widened and deepened tread pattern. Other features, he continues, include zero-degree cap ply, reinforced casing, extra thick sidewall and thickened bottom groove design that contributes to the tyre’s blowout and puncture resistance on unpaved roads. Low heat rubber compound for soft mining surfaces provides low-heat build-up and better puncture and tear resistance that effectively reduces shoulder/crown separation in medium-speed driving conditions. It only has one size – 235/75R17.5.

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陆通轮胎的马来西亚独家经销商启达私人有限公司,近日宣布推出一款全新的轻型卡车子午轮胎 QA919。




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