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Renault Trucks Introduces the T Red

Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks is introducing a novel special series of pre-owned trucks, known as the T Red. These sustainable vehicles exemplify the French manufacturer’s dedication to the principles of the circular economy. The T Red series represents their approach to prolonging the lifespan of trucks while simultaneously prioritizing environmental preservation.

T Red: A Novel Special Edition in Line with its Circular Economy Vision for Used Trucks

Under its commitment to a circular approach, the manufacturer is combating obsolescence by extending the first life of its vehicles, thereby enabling its customers to use them intensively for longer periods. At a time of a dual shortage of trucks and drivers, Renault Trucks, which has always emphasised the attractiveness of used trucks for both hauliers and drivers, is launching its third special series of used vehicles, the Renault Trucks T Red. This is a truck with an attractive design that is durable, efficient and immediately available.

The Renault Trucks T Red stands out for its premium finishes, specially restyled by the manufacturer’s design teams. The bodywork features a gradation of grey and the characteristic red colour of the Renault Trucks brand. The designers have worked on an asymmetrical design and applied dynamic graphic lines to the sides of the vehicle, symbolising the new Renault Trucks logo.

This attention to detail extends to the interior of the vehicle. The brand’s colour code is elegantly reproduced: the steering wheel and seats are stitched in red and the floor mats are trimmed in red. The ventilation rings on the dashboard are ringed in red, and the home screen of the main display unit is also in red. The dashboard trim and the inside of the doors, in the shape of a boomerang, feature the dynamic red and grey pattern of the bodywork. A plaque displaying the name, motifs and colours of the special series is positioned above the bunk, offering visibility from outside the vehicle.

With the Renault Trucks T Red, which is a perfect illustration of its circular economy approach, the manufacturer is placing emphasis on both used vehicles and the use of re-used parts.

With its 13-litre engine, tested and built to last at least a million kilometres, the used Renault Trucks T Red tractor has been entirely reconditioned by the Used Trucks Factory teams. The manufacturer encourages a circular use of resources by favouring the use of used parts and factory-remanufactured components, in accordance with rigorous industrial processes.

An update of the engine and gearbox software provides fuel efficiency and safety software (bend lighting, load indicator, fleet brake management). This virtuous circle helps to reduce CO2 emissions linked to the production of new components and demonstrates that Renault Trucks vehicles are built to last.

The new Renault Trucks T Red Special Series of used trucks comes with a warranty of up to 240,000 km or 24 months, for long-lasting, trouble-free use. This manufacturer’s warranty is valid throughout the Renault Trucks network of over 1,100 service outlets. Under certain conditions, vehicles can also be covered by the Start & Drive Excellence Predict connected maintenance service, which makes it possible to plan ahead for downtime remotely and group stoppages together to ensure optimum operation over the long term.

The Renault Trucks T Red is available throughout Europe, in the “Used Trucks by Renault Trucks” approved network.

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