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Reliability Assured with CAM Commercial Vans

Based on good experience with the Placer-X vansACCTS Transport Services decided to buy the new Kingo vans.

ACCTS Transport Services to Buy More CAMs

AACTS Transport Services Chief Executive Jothimani Poogavanam was so pleased with the reliability and good after-sales service for her CAM Placer-X vans that she decided to buy the recently launched CAM Kingo van.

AACTS Transport Services has a contract with AirAsia to transport cabin crew and pilots from the airport terminal building to the aircraft (and vice versa) at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2).

“Reliability is crucial when you look at the 24-hour nature and punctuality of our operation. We have six vans running daily, with another two vans on standby. During peak hours, we need 10 vans. It’s a very challenging operation; we could not afford vehicle breakdowns,” said Jothimani.

Five years ago, the company bought six Placer-X vans that Jothimani said had served the company remarkably well. “We have good experiences and no problem. The vans are low maintenance vehicles. We are happy with the after-sales services. Parts are easy to get and repairs are done fast,” she said.

The Placer-X 18-seater van is known as the longest van in Malaysia and recently took the Preferred Vehicle by Tourism Industry at Malaysian Tourism Council Gold Award. As an aircraft typically has a 14- or 15-member crew, the CAM 18-seater vans are seen as ideal in transporting them.

“Based on our good experience with the Placer-X vans, we decided to buy the new Kingo vans. We plan to buy up to 20 CAMs by year-end,” said Jothimani.  

The company took delivery of two CAM Kingo vans a month ago and Jothimani said both drivers and passengers were satisfied with their performance. “The cabin crew like the dual sliding doors on the vans, which allow them to move in and out fast. Previously, they were using a bus that took a longer time in moving them.”

Storing the cabin crew’s luggage is also convenient as extra space could be achieved by folding the rear seats. The new CAM Kingo van is locally assembled by the Klang-headquartered Sendok Group and offered in four variants, priced from RM99,000 to RM141,000. It is sold with a five-year or 150,000km warranty.  

The four CAM Kingo van variants consist of a 15-seater with basic or comfort trim, an 18-seater with comfort trim and a high roof panel van. The high roof panel van has a 9.2-cubic metre capacity and is the biggest panel van in its class.  

Developed by King Long, a Chinese commercial vehicle producer based in Xiamen, Fujian, the Kingo commercial van is powered by a 3.0-litre CDTi common-rail turbo intercooler diesel engine that produces 148hp at 3,400rpm and 370Nm at 2,000rpm. Power is delivered to the wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox.

Features include LED daytime running lights, ABS (anti-lock brake system), EBD (electronic brake force distribution), front double wishbone independent suspension with rear leaf springs, dual sliding doors, halogen projector headlamps, semi-fabric seats, LED tail lamps, a reverse camera, 16-inch alloy wheels and six or nine rear air-conditioner vents (for 15- and 18-seater capacity respectively).

Since 2009, CAM vehicles were assembled locally by R&A Commercial Vehicles Sdn Bhd (RACV), a manufacturing and assembly plant under Sendok Group. CAM vehicles are distributed by R&A Marketing Sdn Bhd, a member of Sendok Group

There are more than 100 CAM sales and service dealers and branches nationwide. Customers enjoy a 24/7 service hotline as well as free nationwide towing service within the vehicles’ warranty period.


CAM 商用车辆可靠性获保障


AACTS运输服务首席执行长乔蒂马尼(Jothimani Poogavanam)对CAM Placer-X客货车的可靠性和良好售后服务感到非常满意,因此决定购买近日刚发布的CAM Kingo客货车。

AACTS运输服务是亚航的合约伙伴,负责机组人员和飞机师从机场航站楼到吉隆坡第二国际机场(KLIA) 的往返接送。


她说,该公司在5 年前买了6Placer-X 客货车,这些车辆的表现非常好。“我们使用它的经验很好,完全没有问题。该客货车的维修低,售后服务也很令人满意。零部件的供应没问题,修理也很快。”

作为马来西亚车身最长的客货车,18 座位的Placer-X在近日荣获马来西亚旅游议会的旅游业首选车辆金奖。一辆飞机大约有1415名机组人员 ,18座位的CAM客货车相当适合用来接送他们。


该公司在1个月前接获两辆CAM Kingo 客货车,司机和乘客都很满意这些客货车的性能表现。“机组人员喜欢Cam Kingo的双滑门 ,让他们能够快速地进出车子。以前,他们乘坐巴士,不过巴士在接送时花费了更多时间。”

只要将后座位子折叠起来,就有更多空间存放机组人员的行李,非常方便。全新的CAM Kingo客货车由位于巴生的信诺集团总部组装,共有4种车型,价格介于99000141000令吉之间,提供5年或150000公里保修。

CAM Kingo系列有4个不同的版本,包括15座位入门版、18 座位舒适版及高顶厢式。容积为9.2 m3的高顶厢客车,是其等级中最大的厢式客车。

Kingo 商用客货车由中国厦门金龙联合汽车工业有限公司研发,搭载3.0 升CDTi涡轮增压共轨内冷式柴油引擎,在3,400rpm转速下的最大输出功率为148马力,在2,000rpm转速下的峰值扭矩为370Nm,配备5速手动变速箱。

其他配备包含LED日间行车灯、防锁死制动系统(ABS)、电子制动力分布(EBD)、备有后弹簧板的前双横臂独立悬架、双滑门、卤素车头大灯、半合成纤维座椅、LED车尾灯 、倒车摄相机、16寸铝合金轮圈及后段车厢9个空调通风口(15 座位和18座位)。 

自2009年以来,CAM 车辆由信诺集团旗下的制造及组装厂—R&A 商用车辆私人有限公司(RACV)在本地组装。CAM车辆由信诺集团成员—R&A 行销私人有限公司分销。



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