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QC Fleet Management Launches DFSK EC35 All-Electric Van

QC Fleet Management Sdn Bhd recently launched the DFSK EC35 electric van for the Malaysian market.

DFSK EC35 All-Electric Van Now Available in Malaysia 

Available in two- and five-seater configurations, the van offers a rear access height of 1,270mm and a rear door access width of 1,440mm. The EC35 could handle a payload of 1,090kg, comparable to the traditional petrol or diesel van, but with zero emission.

The new van is powered by a 38.7kWh lithium-ion battery, with charging capabilities via a Combined Charging System (CCS) charging connector as standard. It could be charged from 20 per cent to 80 per cent in 35 minutes using a DC rapid charger, reducing downtime and keeping the driver on the road longer.

Featuring added ground clearance, the company says the undercarriage of the EC35 is less likely to be damaged when going over bumps and potholes. Its extra-large windshield offers optimum visibility for the busy delivery drive. Headlamps and taillights are also designed for heightened visibility for the driver and nearby cars…….

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QC车队管理推出DFSK EC35全电动客货车


QC 车队管理私人有限公司近日为马来西亚市场推出了DFSK EC35电动客货车。 

该客货车提供两人座和五人座配置,后部通道高度为 1,270 毫米,后门通道宽度为 1,440 毫米。 EC35的载荷为1,090 公斤,与传统汽油或柴油客货车相当,但零排放。 

由38.7kWh锂离子电池供电,该全新的客货车标配组合充电系统(CCS充电连接器。使用直流快速充电器,它可在 35 分钟内从20%充电到80%,从而减少停机时间,路上行驶的时间更长。 




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