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Prevent Tyre Damage Due to Summer Heat

Prevent Tyre Damage Summer

SAF Tire Pilot for trailers and semi-trailers helps to monitor the pressure and automatically raises it to the preset value if needed.

SAF Tire Pilot for Trailers and Semi-trailers

During the summer months, heat-related tyre damage on commercial vehicles increases. To prevent burst tyres – along with the associated dangers and additional costs – fleet managers and drivers need to check that the air pressure is correct. This is where the SAF Tire PilotSAF-Holland‘s automatic tyre-inflating system for trailers and semi-trailers, comes in: it monitors the pressure and automatically raises it to the preset value if needed. 

Heatwaves in summer don’t just cause problems for people and animals – the consistently high temperatures also affect truck tyres. On roads that heat up to 60°C, tyres could become soft and wear faster, resulting in unplanned additional costs. Having the right air pressure is all the more important if the material is subjected to heavy loads in the summer heat: “If the pressure isn’t right, the tyres could overheat, burst or even start to burn. Our SAF Tire Pilot tyre-inflating system automatically compensates for pressure losses and keeps the commercial vehicle safe on the road at all times,” said Elmar Weber, Product Manager OE Europe at SAF-Holland.

Keep Close Eye On Tyre Pressure: SAF Tire Pilot

The SAF Tire Pilot, designed for trailers with rigid and steering axles, keeps the tyre pressure reliably under control at all times: if the pressure drops by 0.2 bar or more, the system automatically raises the air pressure to the preset level. If the leakage is too great, a warning lamp lights up within the driver’s indirect field of vision. The system generates the required electricity independently, so there is no need for it to be connected to the on-board electrical system. Even with slow air leakage due to puncture damage, the system maintains the minimum pressure in the tyre, enabling the vehicle to safely reach the nearest workshop.

Make Savings by Monitoring Tyre Pressure

Not only does the SAF Tire Pilot have a favourable impact on potential pressure losses during the summer months. The system also saves fuel and tyre costs: On a 40-tonne articulated lorry, the rolling resistance of the tyres accounts for about 16 per cent of diesel consumption.

Around half of the rolling resistance is due to the tyres on the semi-trailer. Monitoring air pressure is a simple and efficient way to protect tyres, prevent breakdown sand reduce overall fleet operating costs.

Burst Tyres Could Result in Expensive Secondary Damages

The potential consequential damage caused by heat-related tyre failure is also reason enough to use a tyre pressure monitoring system. “Burst tyres often also affect fenders, lighting or the brake system. The material damage alone could amount to several thousand euros, plus the loss of time or freight for the forwarding agent,” explained Elmar.

Last but not least, the driver and other road users benefit from correctly inflated commercial vehicle tyres: the flow of traffic and drivers following behind would not be obstructed or endangered by parts of the burst tyre being scattered all over the road. No punctures also mean that the truckers themselves are safer on the road, especially in critical sections of motorways and clearways.

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在夏季,因热而受损的商用轮胎数量会提高。 为了避免爆胎,还有随之而来的相关危险和额外成本–车队经理和司机需要检查胎压是否正确。这正是赛夫华兰德(SAF)的SAF Tire Pilot,挂车和半挂车轮胎自动充气系统发挥作用时候,它可监控胎压,并在需要时自动将胎压提高到之前所设定的气压值。

夏天的热浪不仅会影响人和动物–持续的高温也会影响卡车轮胎。在热度高达摄氏60度的路上行驶,轮胎会变得柔软和容易磨耗,导致预算外的额外成本。如果轮胎在炎热的夏天承受着重荷,正确的胎压也就变得格外重要。“如果胎压不正 确。轮胎就会过热,爆胎或开始燃烧。我们的SAF Tire Pilot轮胎充气系统会自动弥补胎压损失,使商用车辆能够每时每刻安全地在路上行驶。”赛夫华兰德欧洲原装配备产品经理韦伯(Elmar Weber)表示。

SAF Tire Pilot时刻密切关注胎压

专为挂车刚性轴和转向轴而设计的SAF Tire Pilot,时刻保持胎压的可靠控制:如果胎压下跌0.2巴或更多,该系统就会自动将胎压提高到之前设定的气压值。如果轮胎漏气太大,司机的间接视野里就会出现警告灯。该系统能够独立产生所需要的电力,因此无需与车载电气系统相连接。即使轮胎穿孔而导致轮胎缓慢漏气,该系统会保持轮胎的最低胎压,使轮胎安全抵达最靠近的修车厂。






最后,正确充气的商用车轮胎将惠及司机和其他的道路使用者:交通的流量和跟随在后头的司机不会被分散在马路上的爆胎碎片所妨碍或危及。没有穿孔的轮胎也意味着 卡车司机会更安全,特别是在高速公路和禁停公路的关键部分。


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