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PM Anwar: School Bus Operators Can Still Apply for Diesel Subsidy

PM Anwar Ibrahim emphasized that the targeted diesel subsidy programme is meant for the needy.

Bus Operators Who Receive Subsidies but then Raise Fairs Will Get Their Licenses Revoked

School bus operators and companies that have not yet received subsidies following the implementation of targeted diesel subsidies can still appeal, and their applications will be considered if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim assured that the government would ensure all eligible groups receive the necessary assistance.

“If they need it and it’s genuinely for operating school buses, we will provide it. Yes, they can appeal, and we will grant it,” he said during the launch of the Kerian Integrated Green Industrial Park (KIGIP) on Saturday, 15 June 2024, as quoted by the Bernama News Agency.

However, Anwar emphasized that subsidies are intended for those in genuine need, not for large or profitable tour companies. “Subsidies are meant for the needy,” he reiterated.

Anwar, who also serves as the Finance Minister, issued a stern warning to school bus operators who receive subsidies but then raise fares, stating that their licenses could be revoked.

He also acknowledged public concerns about rising prices of essential goods and services following the implementation of targeted diesel subsidies.

“Some are asking if prices of goods will rise? I said we are monitoring. Some people whose children take school buses are asking if fares will increase? I said we are monitoring; we want everyone eligible to get this subsidy,” he said.

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