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PKT Logistics Receive New Foton Daimler EST Prime Movers

The Foton Daimler commercial truck brand took a major step forward in Malaysia recently with the delivery of 20 EST prime movers to PKT Logistics Group.

Foton Daimler Trucks Serve PKT Logistics Well

The Foton Daimler commercial truck brand took a major step forward in Malaysia recently with the delivery of 20 EST (Energy Super Truck) prime movers to PKT Logistics Group. The handover ceremony took place at PKT Logistics’ iconic and state-of-the-art 12 Waves warehouse in Batu Kawan, Penang.      

“We are confident that the Foton Daimler trucks would serve PKT Logistics well with increased return on investment, better efficiency and higher productivity,” said Datuk Billy Goh, Group Managing Director of Mpire Group, which is the distributor for Foton Daimler vehicles in Malaysia.

Also present were Datuk Dr Michael Tio, Group Chief Executive and Managing Director of PKT Logistics Group, and Roy Qin, Beiqi Foton Motor’s head of South East Asia heavy commercial vehicles.

Goh said the new Foton Daimler trucks delivered to PKT Logistics were fitted with Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as lane departure warning, blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control and a 360-degree all round view camera system. “This fleet is upgraded with ADAS to enhance safety and make deliveries more efficient. Among the Chinese commercial truck brands in Malaysia, we are the first to offer the ADAS safety feature that provides better safety for all road users. We hope that this would in turn encourage other truck brands in the country to offer advanced safety systems,” he said.  

Tio commended Goh for bringing in the high quality Foton Daimler commercial trucks. “Moving forward, there is higher demand for better trucks from drivers. PKT Logistics is moving into a Smart Trucker programme with which we employ graduates who are highly professional and expect advanced vehicle equipment,” said Tio, who added that he was attracted by Foton Daimler’s after-sales package that included four years warranty with unlimited mileage.

Goh pointed out that Foton Daimler trucks were 35 per cent cheaper than equivalent European rivals and came with reasonable maintenance costs and ample parts availability.  He noted that there was strong market response to Foton Daimler trucks in Malaysia with bookings of more than 120 units within six months after the brand was launched by Mpire Group last year.    

“We have a wide range of customers, including those in cargo transportation and

container hauliers like PKT Logistics, palm oil and palm kernel hauliers, cold chain logistics, mineral and quarry tippers, and logging and timber transportation,” said Goh.

“Fifteen service dealers have signed with us nationwide. We would also have our own branches in the northern and southern regions. We have an expanding network to provide fast support to our customers in Malaysia,” he added.    

The EST is the result of a joint venture between China Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive and Germany’s Daimler AG, the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. “These trucks are designed by Mercedes, powered by Cummins engines mated to ZF transmissions and built by China’s largest commercial vehicle brand in modern and state-of-the-art factories,” said Goh.




福田戴姆勒商用车品牌近日在马来西亚迈出了重要的一步,将20辆EST (Energy Super Truck)牵引车移交给PKT 物流集团。该交车仪式在PKT物流位于槟城Batu Kawan标志性的尖端12 Waves 仓库盛大举行。

“我们对福田戴姆勒卡车充满信心,相信它会为PKT 物流提供良好的服务,提高投资回酬,带来更好的效率和更高的生产力。” Mpire集团集团董事经理拿督吴世伟表示。该集团是福田戴姆勒车辆的马来西亚经销商。

出席的还有PKT物流集团董事经理拿督赵文耀博士和北汽汽车东南亚区重型商用车主管Roy Qin。













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