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Perdana Group Signs Maintenance Contracts and Ecolution Partnership with Scania Malaysia

The contracts Perdana Express signed are a validation of the high-quality service by Scania’s skilled workshop personnel.

Perdana Express Adds 31 New Scania Buses

Perdana Group, operator of Perdana Express, Darul Iman Express and Lienadia Express has announced that it has recently signed Maintenance, Repair & Maintenance Contracts and an Ecolution partnership with Scania Malaysia for 78 of its buses. 

In an official signing ceremony held at the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Bandar Tasik Selatan, Managing Director of Perdana Express, Laili Ismail also added 31 new Scania buses to Perdana Groups fleet. 

“At Perdana Group, we believe in safety and comfort for our passengers. The contracts we signed are a validation of the high-quality service by Scania’s skilled workshop personnel to ensure that our customers have peace of mind during their travels,” commented Laili. 

Perdana Group has also signed up as a Scania Ecolution partner as part of its sustainability efforts to reduce their CO2 emissions. The Group will have Ecolution for its entire fleet starting with 22 buses as a pilot scheme and expanding from there. Scania Ecolution partnership focuses on reducing fuel consumption and operating costs, which translates to improved profitability while fulfilling the growing demand for environmentally-friendly initiatives. 

The first batch of the new buses were handed over by the Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström to Laili on that day. These buses will be used to strengthen the company’s connection between the East Coast to the Central Region of Peninsular Malaysia as well as expansion to the Northern Region in particular Tanjung Malim and Parit Buntar. 

“Investing in more Scania buses is a testimony of our trust and faith in the performance and reliability that Scania has given us for more than a decade when we started this business,” added Laili. 

Established in 2009, Perdana Express has been a Scania customer since 2010, and owns more than 100 Scania buses in its fleet. Today, it has grown as a major bus express company in Malaysia, offering bus services to destinations across Peninsular Malaysia, serving major cities and towns. 

Perdana Express invested in Scania’s K410EB6X2 buses that are equipped with Scania Opticruise, full air suspension, electronic braking system (EBS), Scania Retarder, traction control, a higher torque at lower revs engine, and fully adjustable steering wheel and hanging pedals. These features ultimately result in a bus that is safe, comfortable and fuel-efficient for both passengers and drivers during long distance travel while minimising impact to the environment. 

“Today’s signing and handover ceremony is a testament of Scania’s on-going drive towards sustainability with our far-reaching 2050 commitment in reducing the carbon footprint to net zero. By providing our customers with sustainable transport solutions, we can achieve mutually beneficial results of profitability for their businesses and reducing the environmental effects of our operations,” commented Marie.


Perdana 集团与斯堪尼亚签署养护合约和成为 Ecolution 伙伴 


Perdana 集团, Perdana ExpressDarul Iman ExpressLienadia Express 的长途巴士 营运者宣布近日 为其78辆巴士,与马来西亚斯堪尼亚 签署养护、修理及养护合约 ,以及成为该公司的Ecolution 伙伴。 

在南湖镇巴士总站的签署仪式上,Perdana Express董事经理赖利(Laili Ismail)也为Perdana 集团 的车队 添加了31辆全新的斯堪尼亚巴士。 

Perdana集团,为客户 提供安全和舒适是我们秉持的信念。我们签署的合约反映了我们对斯堪尼亚训练有素的修车厂员工所提供的高品质服务的信赖,确保我们的客户拥有一个无忧的旅途。赖利表示。 

Perdana集团也签署成为斯堪尼亚Ecolution伙伴, 作为其持续降低碳排放的努力。该集团将为其整个车队签购Ecolution,不过先从22辆巴士开始作为试验,再慢慢扩展到整个车队。斯堪尼亚Ecolution伙伴关系旨在节省油耗和运作成本,满足不断增长的环保倡议需求,改善利润。 

斯堪尼亚东南亚区董事经理玛丽(Marie Sjödin Enström )将第一批新巴士 移交给该集团。这些巴士将用来强化该公司在马来西亚半岛东海岸与中部地区的连接,以及扩展至北部,特别是丹绒马林和巴里文打。 

投资于更多的斯堪尼亚巴士,显示了我们对斯堪尼亚从我们开始运营以来,所提供的超过10年的性能和可靠性的信任与信心  他补充。 

Perdana集团成立于2009年, 从2010年起便成为斯堪尼亚的客户,在其车队里拥有超过100辆斯堪尼亚巴士。今天,它已经增长成为马来西亚的主要长途巴士公司,为马来西亚半岛的主要城镇提供巴士服务。   

Persana Express购买的是斯堪尼亚K410EB6X2型号的巴士,配备斯堪尼亚Opticruise、全空气悬挂、电子制动系统(EBS)、斯堪尼亚减速器、牵引控制、在低引擎转速时拥有更高的扭矩、完全可调的转向盘和悬挂踏板。这些特点为乘客和司机带来更安全 、舒适、节油的长途巴士 ,降低对环境的影响。 

今天的签约和交车仪式是斯堪尼亚持续推动可持续性发展的动力, 以便在2050年实现我们将碳排放降至零的深远承诺。通过为客户提供可持续性的运输解决方案,我们能够为他们的业务实现互惠互利的结果和降低我们在运营时对环境的影响。



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