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New TB-8S 5D Heavy-duty Wheel Alignment Machine from Wonder Internation

Alignment Machine from Wonder Internation

Tyre servicing equipment manufacturer Wonder Internation Sdn Bhd introduces its new TB-8S heavy-duty wheel alignment machine, exclusively for trucks and buses.

Introducing Wonder Internation’s Latest TB-8S 5D Heavy-Duty Wheel Alignment Machine

This new aligner comes with 5D technology, which the company claims is a technological revolution. Its main advantage is that it could monitor 8 wheels simultaneously and finish the adjustment at one go. It could overcome all the disadvantages of 2D technology, such as mismeasurement, low precision and the human factor. All these, according to Wonder, are due to the following reasons:

1) Original errors caused by wheel rim deformation that could not be eliminated by compensation.

2) Errors caused by wheel clamp deformation that could not be eliminated.

3) Trucks require higher precision than cars and the 2D technology is not capable of producing such precision.

4) Different measurement results due to different operational approaches and forces.

The 5D technology, stressed Wonder, adopted the anti-shake measurement technology. It could eliminate time errors caused by truck body shake within 20 seconds, improving efficiency. In addition, it is said to avoid problems caused by wireless and high frequency interference and could be used in any indoor premises.

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