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New JMC Kairui EV at CAPAS 2018

JMC Kairui EV CAPAS 2018

Jiangling Motors Corporation, Ltd (JMC) presented the new JMC Kairui EV at the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) 2018, which was held from 24th to 26th May, 2018 at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

CAPAS 2018 Launch for the New JMC

The Kairui EV is the first electric light truck that was developed mainly by the company. It is said to inherit the JMC light truck characteristics of ‘high quality, reliability, durability, comfort and safety’.

Equipped with an electric motor that delivers 1000Nm peak torque, the company says the truck could accelerate to 50km/h in just 7.3 seconds and its maximum speed is 90km/h. On a single charge, it could travel up to 400 kilometres at a speed of 40km/h. There are 3 battery options for the customer to choose – 73kWh, 82kWh and 107kWh.

According to the company, the Kairui EV shares the Ford global superior procurement platform, ensuring the premium quality of its parts.

In addition, the Kairui EV comes standard with the Telematics-BOX connectivity system with which the user could search and locate the nearest charging station through the ‘Jiangling Zhixing’ app.

全新江铃凯瑞EV 登陆2018年CAPAS 展览会

江铃汽车股份有限公司(JMC)在2018年成都国际汽车零配件及售后服务展览会上展出凯瑞EV 。该展会于2018年5月24日至26日在成都世纪城新国际会展中心盛大举行。

全新的凯瑞 EV 是江铃主要研发的第一款电动轻型卡车。据悉,该款轻卡继承了江铃轻卡的“高品质、可靠、耐用、舒适及安全性”特质。

整车采用1000NM电机,能够在7.3秒里加速达到时速50公里,最高时速达90公里。一次充电,以时速40公里行驶的续航里程可达400公里。有3种电池容量–73kWh、82kWh 和107 kWh供选择 。

据该公司表示,凯瑞EV 分享福特的全球优越采购平台,确保优质的产品零部件品质。


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