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New Foton Daimler Vs Previous Foton EXT and Other Chinese & European Trucks

The Foton EST A is the only China truck at the moment to be fitted with the ZF Traxon automatic transmission.

The Advantages of Foton EST & EST A

The new Foton EST and EST A super trucks are a co-developed and manufactured product by Foton and Daimler. It is equipped with the latest Cummins ISG engine and newest ZF generation gearbox that meet the Malaysian regulated Euro III emission, enabling the super truck to generate 2000Nm of torque and 430hp of power. Aside from the low torque and high horsepower, the Cummins ISG engine also allows the super truck to provide fuel savings of up to 2-3L/100km as a result of its ultra-high pressure fuel injection. 

FotonThis new Foton EST and EST A super trucks are described as more superior versus the previous Foton EXT prime mover as the previous model was fitted with China’s local Weichai engine and FAST gearbox that meet only the Euro II emission standard.  

Compared to other China brand prime movers such as FAW, Sinotruck, Shacman or CAMC, the Foton is the only super truck powered by Cummins’ latest ISG engine. The others are still using the Weichai or Xichai engine. The Foton EST and EST A could be driven in various modes such as crawl mode and hill start assist. It is also supported by a powerful and sensitive drive with the advanced ZF Traxon automatic transmission. This sophisticated gearbox also allows the super truck to run 30-per cent quieter. The FAW, Sinotruck, Dong Feng and CAMC trucks are still using manual gearboxes. The Foton EST A is the only China truck at the moment to be fitted with the ZF Traxon automatic transmission and represents a breakaway from tradition. With this innovative and advanced technology, the Foton EST is seen as a market leader in China. 

Against the Continental prime movers i.e. Volvo, MAN and Scania, the Foton EST or EST A super truck is available at an affordable price despite offering a world renown and reliable engine (Cummins is America’s largest engine manufacturer) and gearbox (ZF – Germany’s largest gearbox manufacturer). Compared to these Continental brands, the Foton EST and EST A are cheaper by more than RM100,000.  

Moreover, the Foton EST and EST A super trucks come with an improved aerodynamic design that reduces drag coefficient by 5 per cent and fuel consumption by 2 per cent via air deflector optimisation, integral-type side aprons, rounded bumper corners and optimised headlight housing. These design initiatives are said to not only provide a modern look against the Continental primer movers but to also enhance the truck’s efficiency. 

Similarly, driver safety and comfort levels are embedded into the infrastructure of the Foton EST and EST A super trucks. They come standard with ABS, ASR and Cabin Crash technology that features ergonomic switches and controls, ideal sitting position, excellent view angle for the mirrors, large cabin with matching high roof, sufficient storage space and a large and wide bunk with thick mattress for good rest comfort.




新的福田EST和EST A超级卡车是福田和戴姆勒联手研发和制造,搭载最新的康明斯ISG引擎、ZF新一代变速器,符合马来西亚规定的欧3排放标准,输出功率为430hp,最大扭矩为2000Nm。除了低扭矩和高马力的康明斯ISG引擎外,其超高压燃油喷射器也为超级卡车每100公里节省2-3升燃油。

全新的福田EST和EST A 超级卡车比之前的福田ETX牵引机更加卓越,因为福田ETX 搭载的是中国溦柴引擎、FAST变速器,而且只有欧2排放标准。

相较于其它的中国品牌的牵引车,比如一汽(FAW)、中国重汽(Sinotruk)、Shacman或者CAMC、福田EST超级卡车是唯一配备最新康明斯ISG引擎的超级卡车。其它的中国品牌仍然在采用着中国潍柴和锡柴。福田EST让司机能够采用不同的模式驾驶如爬坡模式和上坡辅助系统。它还配备先进的ZF Traxon 自动变速箱,提供强大和灵敏的驾驶。除了精密的变速箱,它也让超级卡车运作时更为安静,静音表现提高了30%。一汽、中国重汽、东风及CAM仍然在采用手排档。此外,福田EST A是目前唯一配备ZF Traxon自动变速箱的车型,突破了传统。这些创新和先进的技术使EST成为中国市场上的领袖。

与欧洲牵引车品牌如富豪、曼、斯堪尼亚相比,福田EST或EST A超级卡车搭载著名且可靠的引擎(康明斯是美国最大的引擎制造商)和变速箱(ZF- 德国最大的变速箱制造商),价格经济实惠。与这些欧洲大陆品牌相比,福田EST和EST A便宜了超过100,000 令吉。

此外,福田EST和EST A超级卡车改善的空气动力学车身设计,降低5%行车风阻,并透过优化的空气反射器和一体化的侧裙板,转角保险杆及优化的车头灯壳等,节省2%的油耗。因此。福田EST 超级卡车不仅比那些欧洲大陆牵引车拥有更现代化的设计,其设计还能加强超级卡车效率。

最后,司机的安全和舒适性也嵌入到 福田EST和EST A超级卡车的基础设施中。这两款车型除了配备ABS、ASR及驾驶室碰撞科技外,还有符合人体工程的开关和控制 、理想坐姿、最佳的镜子视角、高顶的大驾驶室 、储物空间充足,大而宽敞配备厚床垫的床铺,提供良好又舒适的休息环境。





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