New CAM Kingo 6AT Unveiled

CAM Kingo 6AT Unveiled
CAM Kingo 6AT Unveiled
R&A Marketing Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Sendok Group, recently launched the CAM Kingo 6AT at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2024.

New CAM Kingo 6AT: Eco-Friendly, Efficient, and Equipped for Comfort

This all-new 2.4L Euro 5 diesel van, featuring a six-speed automatic transmission, is available in 15- and 18-seater configurations. All seats are equipped with three-point seatbelts and up to 20 USB ports for the 18-seater variant, the Kingo Plus 6AT. The last row comes with foldable seats for extra luggage storage.

Both variants are powered by a Euro 5 2.5-litre turbod...

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