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Naidu Sets the Pace by Significantly Reducing Carbon Footprint

Naidu Trans has a fleet of 38 Scania trucks and is run by a father and son team.

Naidu Trans Turns to Scania Malaysia for Sustainable Transport Solutions

Naidu Trans Logistics Sdn Bhd Managing Director Boss Naidu has a humble beginning. He entered into the logistics and transport business in 1993, with a one tonne truck that he drove himself. During this period, he partnered with Nadarajan Transport, but he had bigger dreams. 

Boss Naidu was transporting goods in Johor diligently for about 5 years before establishing his own business, Naidu Trans, and started purchasing trucks to expand his business. Since then, his business has seen constant growth in terms of clients as well as delivery locations.

More than two decades after inception, Naidu Trans is a key player in the logistics and transportation industry in the southern state of Johor. The Skudai based company now services the entire state of Johor as well as delivering to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and even up north to Ipoh and Penang, transporting an average of 700 to 800 freight containers per month. Naidu Trans has a fleet of 38 Scania trucks and is run by a father and son team. With vast experiences in logistics and transport, Naidu Trans understands in order to be a premium brand that provides the most premium service to its customers while ensuring the environment is taken into serious consideration, investing in the right products and services are essential.

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Naidu 领先大幅度降低碳足迹


Naidu Trans物流私人有限公司董事经理奈杜(Boss Naidu)从小规模做起。 1993年,他开着一吨的小罗厘,就这样进入了物流及运输行业。他在那段期间与Nadarajan运输合作,然而他有着更大的梦想。 

奈杜在柔佛努力运送货物约5年后才开始创业,他成立了Naidu Trans,并购买卡车来扩展业务。自此,他的业务持续增长,客户人数和交付地点也不断提高。   

20多年后的今天,Naidu Trans已经成为柔佛 州南部物流及运输行业的主要运输业者。位于士古来(Skudai)的该公司,在覆盖整个柔佛州之余,也送货至新加坡、吉隆坡,甚至北部的怡保和槟城,每月运送700至800个货运集装箱。Naidu Trans拥有38辆斯堪尼亚卡车,由父子档联手经营。Naidu Trans借着其广泛的物流及运输经验,了解到作为一个提供最优质服务的高档品牌,在投资于适当的产品和服务的同时,也应当认真考虑环保。 



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