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More and more people today are going online to find their ideal car, be it new or old. When shopping online, one has access to more deals, models, reviews that he/she could ever hope to find by hunting down cars in person. In addition, the online marketplace is filled with quality vehicles at reasonable prices. The increasing demand has led to a marketplace with more new and used car retailing websites. However, when it comes to new and used commercial vehicles, you hardly see any retail website that is dedicated to them, especially in Malaysia.  

“New and used commercial vehicle sales are normally incorporated in the car sales website. I have 13 years of experience in the buying and selling of new and used trucks. I see the need for creating a website that is dedicated to this industry to provide a platform for them to sell their products online and leverage on the robust opportunities of the online marketplace,” said founder and CEO Boo Boon Hoe.

Together with his partner Darren, they created last year and it finally went live in November that year. 

“We approached the used truck dealers. To convince them, we gave them a 3-month trial period without any charges. We took photos of their trucks, collected all the relevant data and uploaded them onto the web. Initially, we did not limit the number of trucks that they wanted to put up sale.”

Boo and Darren were on hand during the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017 to officially introduce their website. “We have more than 17,000 trucks on our website and 80 per cent of our clients are used truck dealers. From early this year up to now, we have successfully attracted about 700 to 1,000 visitors per day, including new and returning visitors.”

Sendok Group was their first customer and they signed a multi-year contract with the company. Boo said Sendok liked the concept. The company could see the benefits of selling its trucks online.

“Selling trucks online has many advantages over selling by traditional methods. It widens your market and reduces manpower, overheads and operational costs as well as saves time as you do not have to answer a lot of pre-sale queries,” he stressed.

Today, they offer 2 packages for advertisers; a half year advertising package for RM1,900 and a one year package for RM3,500. Each advertiser is entitled to upload an unlimited number of trucks.

According to Boo, Sendok was pleased with the response that it received through the website.

“Our website has also received a very encouraging response from the northern part of Malaysia. Besides used truck dealers, we also welcome new truck dealers and manufacturers, individual truck owners or fleet owners that would like to sell their used trucks, regardless of the number.”

Boo added that for buyers, provided wider options and the greatest benefit of this website was price transparency that allowed comparisons to be made for an informed purchase.

“We plan to include 4x4s, pick-ups and auto parts retail in our website. Also in the pipeline is to incorporate industry news and trends as well as testimonials from dealer/user columns.”

Boo also revealed that they created a facebook business page in April this year. The response was very encouraging with more than 4,000 followers to date.


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