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Mpire Group Launches First Foton 3S Centre

The first Foton 3S Centre opened by Mpire Group was officially launched by the Malaysia Special Envoy to China, Tan Kok Wai.

Mpire Group Strengthen its Footing in Malaysia

Mpire Asia Sdn Bhd (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mpire Group), the official distributor of Foton, stepped up its footing and commitment in Malaysia with the launch of its first Foton 3S Centre. The much-awaited completion and announcement of its state-of-the-art facility, conveniently based in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, was officially launched by the Malaysia Special Envoy to China, Tan Kok Wai. Mpire Asia also inaugurated the all-new View C2 4.8-metre panel van and CS2 6-metre window van (18 seaters) during this auspicious occasion.

By establishing its first Foton 3S Centre at Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Temasya Industrial Park, Shah Alam, Selangor, Mpire Asia says it is committed to offer an efficient and reliable one-stop service centre for customers as the centre showcases leading-edge modern facilities with advanced equipment and tools that are comparable or better than the other brands in this segment. Furthermore, a 24/7 Foton complimentary Roadside Assist would complement the centre’s comprehensive services within the Klang Valley.

Managing Director of the Mpire Group, Dato’ Billy Goh, said: “It is evident that as a market leader in mainland China, one of the world’s most sought after and competitive markets, Foton is poised to produce world-class vehicles relevant to the highly demanding Chinese consumers. Therefore, I am confident that the Foton vehicles exported to Malaysia are guaranteed to meet the high standards in features, quality and fuel efficiency, making them highly sought after by Malaysian buyers.” Complementing the launch of Foton’s new 3S Centre in Glenmarie, Mpire Asia also introduced the all-new View C2 panel van and CS2 window van.

According to the MAA, the total projected number of commercial vehicles in Malaysia still stands strong at 10 per cent of total industry volume as the business of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) involved in eCommerce, IOT, Travel & Tourism and other service sectors expands. The introduction of the Foton View C2 and CS2 vehicles here is seen as timely as these vehicles are competitively priced and positioned in its respective market segment to promote efficiency, productivity, ROI, technology convergence and mega trends for the SMEs.

The ‘revolutionary’ View C2 model is coupled with an Isuzu turbo-diesel engine 4JB1 that provides an economical and reliable drive; while the View CS2 is described as the renowned 4th generation of Foton’s award-winning van in the Chinese market. It not only boasts an attractive design, but is also combined with great performance and comfort. The View CS2 is featured with the world-leading Cummins ISF diesel engine delivering high horsepower and torque (147hp and 330Nm).

Both engines are said to be equipped with sophisticated technology promoting environmental-friendly performance that complies with Euro IV Standards. In safety, both vehicles are equipped with the latest Bosch 4-Channel Anti-Lock Braking System and Electronic Brake Distribution system for better safety during emergency braking.

In tandem with the Mpire Group motto, which is to focus on and provide efficiencies in sales, after-sale service and spare-parts, Mpire Asia formed a collaboration with 15 service dealers nationwide and has targeted to increase this network to 30 service dealers by the end of 2019.

Mpire Asia also launched its toll free number 1300-22-3399 and 24/7 service response team during the event. Subsequently, all states in Peninsular Malaysia would be covered by the service response team.

The View C2 and CS2 are reasonably priced at RM83,888 and RM143,888 respectively (OTR without insurance) and both come with 5 years or 150,000km warranty, being the only ones in the market with such an attractive incentive.

As a privilege for the first 100 customers, Mpire Asia would reward them with free GPS, first year free road-tax, on-board camera, free service for 2 years or 50,000km (inclusive of labour and consumable parts) and the first 4 tyres for the first 18 months.




随着 Mpire Asia私人有限公司 (Mpire 集团独资子公司),即福田汽车的指定经销商正式推介其首家福田3S中心,它已在马来西亚奠定更稳固的根基与承诺。该家备受期待,位于沙亚南 Glenmarie,地点便利的尖端设施终于建竣,并由马来西亚驻华特使陈国伟主持开幕礼。Mpire Asia 在此喜气腾腾的场合上推介全新的View C2 4.8米厢式商用车以及 View CS2 6米厢式乘用车(18座位)

Mpire Asia 的首家福田 3S 中心,位于雪州沙亚南Temasya 工业园 Pemberita U1/49 2 号。 该公司致力为客户提供高效率及可靠的一站式服务,展现它与市场上其他品牌不相上下或更好的现代化设施和先进的设备与工具。此外,它也将在巴生谷一带提供 24/7 的福田免费路边救援。

Mpire 集团董事经理拿督 Billy Goh 透露:“事实证明,福田作为全世界最受青睐及最具竞争力的中国大陆市场的领导者之一,已做好生产世界级车辆的准备, 以迎合中国消费者的高要求。因此,我深信福田出口至马来西亚的车辆无论是在功能、品质及燃油效率方面都能达到高标准,使它们倍受买家吹捧。在为福田设于Glenmarie 的崭新3S 中心主持开幕礼的同时,Mpire Asia 也在马来西亚市场正式推介全新的 View C2 4.8 米厢式商用车以及 View CS2 6 米厢式乘用车 (18 个座位 )

据马来西亚汽车协会(MAA)的报告显示,随着中小企业参与电子商务、IOT、观光与旅游业及其他服务行业的扩展,马来西亚商用车总数预计仍保持强劲势头,占业界总量的10%。福田 View C2 View CS2 车辆的引进是适逢其时的,因为这些车辆的价格都相当具竞争力,而且拥有本身独特的市场区块定位,能促进中小型企业(SME) 业者的效率、生产力、投资回报率、技术融合以及大趋势

革新的View C2 车款结合了五十铃4JB1涡轮柴油引擎技术,可提供省钱又可信赖的驱动力,而View CS2 则是在中国市场得奖的著名福田第四代客货车。它凭借着引人入胜的设计备受瞩目,并结合了一流的性能与舒适感。View CS2 搭载全世界首屈一指的 康明斯 ISF 柴油引擎,具有高马力和扭矩(分别为147Hp 330Nm)

这两款引擎皆采用精密的技术,能促进环保并符合欧6 标准。在安全性方面,两者都配备最新的博世4 冲道防锁死刹车系统和电子刹车分配系统,在紧急刹车时更加安全。

Mpire 集团专心提供销售、高效售后服务与备件的座右铭一致,Mpire Asia 与全国 15 家服务代理商达成合作关系。其目标是在 2019 年底把服务代理商的数目增加到 30 家。 

Mpire Asia 也在该活动中推介了 免付费电话热线:1300-22-3399 和 24/7 全天候待命的服务回应团队。今后,这支团队的回应服务将覆盖马来西亚半岛所有州属。

View C2 View CS2 车款的价格合理,分别是 83,888令吉和143,888令吉 (上路价格,不含保险),两者皆提供5 年或 150,000 公里的保用,视何者为先。这项引人入胜利的优惠在市场上绝无仅有。

Mpire Asia 将为首100 位顾客提供特别优惠,包括免费赠全球定位系统(GPS)、第一年免路税、车载摄相机、长达年或5 万公里的免费维修(包括人工费与消耗性部件)以及在首18 个月为购车者提供4 条轮胎。

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