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MFTBC NOMADPro Canter Concept Vehicle in Response to New Remote Work Lifestyles


Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is introducing the NOMADPro Canter, a concept vehicle that can be used as a remote office.

NOMADPro Canter Provides Comfortable Mobile Workplace

The NOMADPro Canter is a FUSO light-duty Canter truck that MFTBC developed in collaboration with Pabco and Dream Drive. It provides a comfortable mobile workplace and offers a new alternative to the remote work lifestyle.

The NOMADPro Canter uses a two-wheel drive model of the Canter with a wing body, which is popular for a wide range of applications in Japan and overseas. The truck was remodeled to offer users a place to work remotely and comfortably, thereby demonstrating new possibilities for vehicle utilisation. The vehicle is equipped with a movable table and benches that can be easily stored, creating a workstation for up to two people. The vehicle is also equipped with a retractable bed, kitchen, wash basin and shower area. Although the space is compact, lifting up the wing on the side of the vehicle immediately connects users to the outdoors and creates a sense of openness that can be enjoyed even at the desk.

Based on the concept of “harnessing the healing power of nature,” the vehicle provides a mobile workplace and proposes a new approach to the home office. Interest in remote jobs and digital nomadism has risen rapidly with the coronavirus pandemic, redefining the idea of work around the globe. While supporting a wealth of advantages such as reduced commuting times and more flexibility, in some cases these lifestyles can also lead to social isolation and lack of physical exercise. With the NOMADPro Canter and the remote work system introduced even before the pandemic, MFTBC aims to promote the benefits of a healthy work-life balance and communicate its support for the mental and physical well-being of its employees.

The NOMADPro Canter will be shown across official FUSO digital channels, at automotive exhibitions, and on road tours in the Japanese Kanto region in 2023. However, MFTBC revealed that they have no plan to sell the vehicle to the general public.

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