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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles Records 2,469 Vehicles Sold in 2017

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles (MBM CV) delivered a strong performance, recording a total of 2,469 vehicles sold in 2017, comprising Fuso light-duty and heavy-duty trucks as well as Mercedes-Benz trucks and vans. Despite a dip of 7.9 per cent in Total Industry Volume (TIV), MBM CV continued to be a strong supporter of the transport and haulage industry, attributing its robust performance in 2017 to its strategy of placing customers at the centre of its initiatives. 

“Part of Daimler Trucks, MBM CV represents first-class product quality and service excellence in the Malaysian market. In everything that we do, our focus is on our customers. Safety, reliability and economic efficiency are our topmost priority. With the commitment of our dealer partners and the trust of the market, 2017 proved to be a positive year in many aspects. As a new year begins, we remain as committed as ever to deliver vehicles and solutions of the highest quality – Trucks you can trust,” said MBM CV Vice President Albert Yee. 

In 2017, the Mercedes-Benz Actros proved to be a top choice among hauliers recording an impressive total of 268 units sold and maintaining a double-digit growth of 24.1 per cent. Contributing to 32.1 per cent of its sales, the Actros 2644LS 6×2 (L-cab) was the most popular model. Meanwhile, Fuso trucks recorded 2,170 units sold. As a result of securing fleet contracts from new small and medium operators during the year, MBM CV achieved a market penetration of 13.06 per cent for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in 2017, a new record for the company. 

Notable fleet deals included the successful delivery of 74 Fuso vehicles to KDEB Waste Management Sdn Bhd and 133 units of Mercedes-Benz Actros to Swift Haulage Sdn Bhd – setting the highest number of deliveries in 2017. 

MBM CV also delivered its 300th Fuso vehicle to Biforst Logistics Sdn Bhd and signed a MoU to formalise Biforst Logistics’ intent to become one of the first customers to receive the fully electric-powered light-duty truck, the Fuso eCanter, upon its availability in the Malaysian market in the near future. 

Throughout 2017, MBM CV and its network dealers continued to raise the bar with best-in-class commercial vehicles and service quality for the haulage industry. Product enhancements included the new TD Canter facelift and ensuring that MBM CV’s entire product portfolio complies with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) safety regulations set by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ). These measures improve vehicle safety and ensure customers’ peace-of-mind. 

In addition to its sales success, MBM CV implemented several after-sales solutions in 2017 to provide Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle and Fuso customers greater flexibility. This included a wide range of service and repair packages, mileage and overhaul campaigns (engine and transmission), Mercedes-Benz Trucks Maintenance Contract and Full Scope Service Contract. MBM CV also conducted an exclusive service clinic for Fuso vehicles with a team of experts from Japan providing personalised Fuso after-sales care. 

MBM CV recorded a 7.47-per cent increase in throughput compared to 2016, with an impressive total of 26,820 vehicles serviced, comprising 4,820 Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and 22,000 Fuso trucks.

In December 2017, Daimler Trucks announced that it increased worldwide deliveries in the first eleven months of 2017 by 12 per cent year-on-year to 422,500 units. For full-year 2017, Daimler Trucks anticipated unit sales in the magnitude of 465,000 trucks – significantly more than in 2016.


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