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MAN Malaysia Launches More Spacious TM Cab

MAN Malaysia TM Cab

The all-new TM Cab has the same exterior width of 2240mm and length of 2280mm as the TN Cab but stands taller at 2035mm compared to the latter’s 1737mm.

New MAN TM Cab – Another Market-Driven Offering from MAN Malaysia

MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN Malaysia), the first vehicle manufacturer in Malaysia to offer Euro V engines as standard across its entire truck range, announced that customers could now choose the taller and more spacious TM Cab as an option.

Until now, the standard height TN Cab is always preferred by the Malaysian market due to its flexibility. Its compact and weight-saving design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications such as tankers, silo and container prime movers or for hauling timber and heavy construction materials on typically narrow Malaysian roads.

The all-new TM Cab has the same exterior width of 2240mm and length of 2280mm as the TN Cab but stands taller at 2035mm compared to the latter’s 1737mm.

Inside the cabin, it is where the additional height counts. An additional 280mm of headroom translates to more space for upright standing, ease of movement and stowage and a more comfortable resting area at the back. This is important as the cab is both a workplace and living space for truckers. It is where they spend hours on the road and retreat to after work, especially on long-haul trips.

According to MAN Malaysia Managing Director Andrew O’Brooks, the new MAN TM Cab is yet another market-driven offering from the company as it continues to drive change towards the future.

“It has been almost a year since we took the lead in the sustainability journey with the bold introduction of our New MAN Truck Generation with Euro V engines as standard in Malaysia when no other manufacturer dared to. On the global stage, MAN is also charging ahead with our all-electric large series MAN e-Truck set to debut just two years from now.

While we are actively shaping the transition to sustainable and climate-neutral mobility with high technology products, we remain committed to continuously innovating and improving our conventional products to meet the ‘real world’ needs of the transport industry today.  The all-new MAN TM Cab offers all the advantages of the TN Cab and now fulfils the needs of the most important element in the logistics chain – the driver,” he said.

O’Brooks stressed that MAN clearly understood the need to provide the right solutions to help transporters recruit and retain drivers with the industry facing an acute shortage in the area.

“Truckers have a very challenging job — they work with big machines, have to comply with various regulations and limitations, are often under time pressure and are exposed to a lot of stress in road traffic on a daily basis. The Excellent Driver Fit philosophy that guided the development of our New MAN Truck Generation extends to beyond creating a comfortable and ergonomic cabin. A whole list of state-of-the art driver assistance and safety systems keeps truckers safe every time they are on the road in a MAN Truck,” he said.

Some of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are available either as standard or optional in every New MAN Truck Generation include Lane Guard System (LGS), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Assisted High-Beam Headlight and Automatic Wiper System, Side Camera System (SCS) and 360° View Assistance (Bird View), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Continuous Damping Control (CDC) and MAN BrakeMatic.




此前,标准车高的TN 驾驶室一直是大马市场的首选,因为它弹性高又灵活。紧凑与轻盈设计使它用途广泛,例如油罐车、仓斗及货柜车,或在较窄的典型大马公路上拖运木材和重型建筑材料。



据马来西亚曼恩董事经理奥布鲁克(Andrew O’Brooks)指出,全新曼恩TM驾驶室是该公司另一款以市场为导向,继续驱动未来改变的卡车。

他说:“近一年前我们领先群伦踏上可持续性之旅,在大马大胆地推出标配了欧V引擎的全新曼恩全新一代卡车,当时没有其它制造商敢这样做。在全球市场方面,曼恩也将在未来两年内首推纯电动大型电动卡车系列。虽然我们积极以高科技产品塑造可持续性与环保行车的转型,但我们仍然会继续创新和改良精进我们的传统产品,以符合当前运输业真实世界的需求。全新曼恩TM驾驶室提供了TN驾驶室的所有优点,如今更满足了物流链上最重要的组成份子 –司机。”


他说:“卡车司机的挑战很大,他们操作的是大型机器,必须符合各种管理规定和限制,常常赶时间,天天承受著道路交通上的压力。引导我们开发曼恩全新一代卡车的Excellent Driver Fit理念,不仅仅只是创造舒适与符合人体工程学的驾驶室。一整套先进的司机辅助和安全系统,保护著每一次出勤的曼恩卡车司机。”

全新一代曼恩卡车标配或选配的部分先进司机辅助系统(ADAS)包括车道看守系统(LGS)、车道偏离警报系统(LDWS)、胎压监控(TPM)、紧急煞车辅助(EBA)丶电子稳定程式(ESP)、辅助式高灯头灯与自动雨刷系统、侧面摄影机系统(SCS)和360°视界辅助(鸟瞰)、自动巡航控制(ACC)丶连续减震控制系统(CDC)及曼恩 BrakeMatic。

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