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MAN Appoints Andrew O’Brooks as New Managing Director for Malaysia

The first among several strategic initiatives announced by Andrew O’Brooks, is the opening of a new service centre in Port Klang.

Andrew O’Brooks to Lead the Execution of Several Strategic Initiatives for Malaysia

MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN) has appointed Andrew O’Brooks as its new Managing Director, who will lead the execution of several strategic initiatives for Malaysia, in line with MAN’s global direction and motto of ‘Simplifying Business’ for its customers. 

O’Brooks, who is originally from UK, brings with him more than 35 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry. Prior to joining MAN, O’Brooks has held several leading management positions for the Volvo Group, serving as Country Managing Director in United Kingdom, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

“Simplifying business for our customers – by making business processes easier and more effective for them – is one of MAN’s chief goals. Andrew O’Brooks’ knowledge of the industry, along with his international experience and clear customer focus, makes him a real asset to help us drive this forward for MAN in Malaysia. We are very pleased to welcome him on board in what are exciting times for our company”, said Thilo Halter, Head of Area Asia Pacific. 

In starting his new role at MAN Malaysia, O’Brooks is taking over from Richard Frenz, who will take up a new role in MAN Truck & Bus in Munich. A first among several strategic initiatives announced by O’Brooks is the opening of a new service centre in Port Klang to offer fleet operators and customers with more efficient and timelier vehicle care. 

The new service centre, which will take up more than 2-acre of land, is slated to be operational by March 2020. It will come with six service bays and all the necessary equipment to provide the highest level of service and repairs including a MAN Cats III® Diagnostic system and air-conditioning servicing, ample trailers parking space as well as a customer lounge with refreshments and complimentary wi-fi. 

Dato’ Nazari Hj Akhbar, President of Association of Malaysian Hauliers lauded MAN’s decision in opening the new centre in Port Klang, as being the largest port in Malaysia, it is an important gateway for cross-border logistics for many hauliers and transportation companies. 

Long-haul trucks plying the backbone of the country will benefit from all MAN’s strategically located service centres as they will not need to travel off route for their sales and service needs. The new facility in Port Klang will be MAN’s fourth service centre on top of its existing centres in Rawang, Prai and Johor Bahru. 

One of the main areas of emphasis for MAN, O’Brooks said, is always on being closer and more accessible to customers, on top of providing them with the best solutions for their transportation needs. 

“The Port Klang service centre is the first among many to come. With the various new initiatives we will be implementing this year, I am confident we will be able to continue to provide high quality products and serve our customers faster and better”, he added. 




曼恩商用车辆(马)私人有限公司(MAN)委任奥布鲁克斯(Andrew O’Brooks)为其新任董事经理,带领并执行与曼恩全球方向和为客户“简化业务”口号一致的好几个马来西亚策略举措。


“为客户简化业务—将他们的业务程序变得更容易和更高效 是曼恩的主要目标。奥布鲁克的丰富行业经验,再加上他的国际经验及明确的客户重点,使他成为一个可以协助我们在马来西亚推动曼恩这个概念最适合的人选,我们很开心地欢迎他加入我们 。”亚太区主管哈特(Thilo Halter)表示。

奥布鲁克斯将接替被调派至慕尼黑曼恩商用车辆公司任职的弗伦茨(Richard Frenz)。在巴生港口开设一家新的服务中心,为车队营运者和客户提供更高效和适时的汽车养护,是他好几项策略举措中的第一项。

这家新服务中心面积超过2英亩,预定在2020年3月开始营运。它备有6个服务装配间和所需要的设备,提供最高水平的服务和修理,包括MAN Cats III 诊断系统和空调养护、充足的拖车停车位,以及免费茶点与WiFi的客户等候厅。

马来西亚运输公会主席拿督纳扎里(Dato’ Nazari Hj Akhbar)称赞曼恩在马来西亚最大的港口–巴生港口开设新服务中心的决定,因为该港口是许多运输公司跨边界物流的重要出入口。



“巴生港口服务中心是众多计划之一。  有了这些各种各样的新倡议,我很有信心我们仍然能够持续为客户提供高品质的产品,更快速及更好的产品。”他补充。








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