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Ni-Pon Tyres Make Inroads into Malaysia 力奔轮胎进军大马 With the the rising operational costs faced by trucking companies Westlake Marketing Malaysia introduced the the Ni-Pon brand of o tyres to to offer a a a a a a a a new alterative to to the the Malaysian market "The company's objective is is to to to assist fleet operators in in in today’s challenging market conditions by offering affordable tyre products without compromising on on on per- formance and safety " stated Managing Director Tan Heong Thong Operators might encounter safety and durability issues he pointed out stem- ming from poor road grip and and traction limited braking capabilities and and hydro- planing when opting for budget tyres Moreover unlike numerous lower-cost alternatives that lacked warranty cov- erage Ni-Pon tyres provided peace of mind with comprehensive warranty protection Currently the Ni-Pon tyre range caters to long-haul long-haul regional and mixed service applications For long-haul long-haul usage Tan recommended the AT161 an an an economical range of trailer axle tyre that was backed by warranty This option is is said to to help operators reduce operational costs while ensuring basic performance and and safety standards are met Offering ‘commend- able’ performance and and durability the AT161 is seen as particularly effective when trucks are operated within their designated load limits 40 truck & bus news 2024/2 "Available in size 295/80R22 5 5 the AT161 offers exceptional value with an an an enhanced tread compound and tyre casing striking an an an an an optimal balance between cost effec- tiveness and performance It's a a a a a a a a a tyre that delivers on on both fronts " he remarked In short Tan stressed that with the Ni- Pon AT161 operators could benefit from economically priced yet reliable tyres that upheld essential performance and and safety standards By prioritising durability perfor- mance and and cost-effectiveness Ni-Pon is is said to to continue meeting the the diverse needs of customers in in in in the the transportation industry 面,陈贤通推荐提供保修覆盖的AT161, 一款经济型的拖车轴轮胎。据说该轮胎不 仅拥有基本性能和符合安全标准,还可帮 助运营商降低运营成本。AT161具有良好 的性能和耐磨性,在卡车的指定负载限制 内运行时特别有效。 他指出:“AT161的尺寸为295/80R22 5。 通过强化的复合胶料和胎体,在成本效益 和性能之间实现最佳平衡。这是一款兼顾 成本和性能的轮胎。” 简而言之,陈贤通强调,运营商将因力奔 AT161轮胎经济实惠的价格,可靠又符合 基本性能和安全标准而受惠。力奔将通过 优先考虑轮胎的耐用性、性能和成本效 益,继续满足运输行业客户的多样化需 求。 lake Marketing Malaysia)引 随 着卡车运输公司运营成本的上 升,马来西亚威狮行销(West- 进了力奔(Ni-Pon)品牌轮胎,为大马市 场提供新的选择。 董事经理陈贤通表示:“公司的目标是在 不影响性能和安全性的情况下,提供价格 实惠的轮胎产品,帮助车队运营商应对目 前的市场挑战。” 他指出,运输业主在选用合乎预算的轮胎 时可能会遇到安全和耐磨性方面的问题, 如路面抓地力和牵引力差、制动能力有限 以及容易打滑。此外,与许多缺乏保修覆 盖的低成本轮胎不同,他强调力奔轮胎为 用户提供全面,高枕无忧的保修覆盖。 目前,力奔轮胎系列可满足长途、区域性 和混合服务应用的需求。在长途使用方 

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