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Scania Expands Electric Truck Range with New Solutions 斯堪尼亚通过新解决方案 扩大其电动卡车系列 Scania continues to enhance its offering o of battery-electric vehicle (BEV) trucks by introducing a a a a wid- er er er array of electric models axle configu- rations cab alternatives and power take- off off solutions The range now extends well beyond the initial offerings catering to a a a a a a a a a diverse range o of applications and op- erations Customers with varying needs could expect to to to find tailor-made solutions to to suit their requirements "We are consistently enhancing custom- er value and specification choices with our ongoing introductions " says Fredrik Allard Senior Vice President and Head of E-mobility at Scania "Customers are increasingly interested as as they see how well these trucks perform in in in in real-world operations and how much drivers appre- 42 truck & bus news 2024/2 ciate them We frequently hear stories of drivers initially sceptical but ultimately falling in in in love with their electric trucks " The components and solutions introduced by Scania in in this latest round are seen as particularly noteworthy for haulers and transporters in in distribution or or or or construc- tion-related operations The introduction of of a a a a a a a tandem bogie axle for for BEVs allows for for the the specification of of tippers hook lifts concrete mixers and other rigid-based applications without compromising trac- tion tion tion or load-carrying capacity Addition- ally Scania is introducing various power power take-off solutions to power power hydraulics or other bodybuilder equipment The introduction of of two versions of of the electric machine EMC1-2 - - 210kW and 240kW – is said to align ‘perfectly’ with certain construction-oriented operations as these power levels are ideal for trucks commonly used by municipalities The EMC1-2 is also physically shorter than its more powerful counterparts creating space for batteries and/or equipment such as supporting legs The company claims that it serves as the perfect all-rounder for various light- er er er er er operations boasting a a a a a a a combination of low weight high power power output ample torque and smooth power power delivery with two gears While it it it is is is expected to to excel in urban distribution environments it it it is is is also described as equally well-suited for a a a a a a a a a diverse range of applications including the various vehicles municipalities use for maintenance tasks In typical distribution truck configurations it is is designated as as the the Scania 24 24 P (for the the 240kW version) “It is is the nine-litre engine equivalent if I I were to do a a a a a a a diesel comparison ” says Al- lard “It’s the kind of of electric machine that fits in in in in an an endless number of of operations by being light and flexible yet also powerful It has one single permanent magnet two gears and and is really ‘torquey’ for its size It offers driveability and and the smoothness that drivers have come to expect from electric powertrains ” The market for electric vehicles is evolv- ing at at different different rates in in in different different regions largely influenced by the availability of charging infrastructure and power sup- ply access However navigating the charging solution process doesn't need to to be complex Scania says it could assist customers throughout the the the entire process ensuring the the the the setup of the the the the right charging solution tailored to their needs “It's a a a a a common misconception that charging is is is more complicated than it actually is is ” says Allard “Many custom- ers would do fine with a a a a a a a a a a standard depot charging solution that we could guide them in in in in designing and building ” 

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