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Pioneer Coachbuilders on on Market Trends and Challenges Pioneer Coachbuilders谈市场趋势和挑战 Pioneer Coachbuilders Sdn Bhd (PCSB) General Manager Khaw Soy Ou presenting a a a a a a a a mobile dental clinic to serve the rural community The Malaysian Malaysian bus bus builder builder industry reflects the nation's dedication to engineering and manufacturing Malaysian bus builders cater to to a a a a a a a a a a a wide range of needs from local public transit to to long distance travel Pioneer Coachbuilders Sdn Bhd (PCSB) General Manager Khaw Soy Ou indicat- ed that the local coach builder market was relatively small typically ranging be- tween 500 and and 1000 units annually and and subjected to seasonal fluctuation Key players in in in this industry included Gem- ilang Coachwork Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd SKS Coach- builders Sdn Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd Bhd Terus Maju Service Sdn Sdn Bhd Bhd (TMS) and PCSB “The demand comes mainly from the re- placement market with emerging needs particularly in in in tourism express and city buses ” he he explained “The majority of cus- tomers has has specific preference concerning chassis brands and and coach builders ” In market competition he he highlighted that it it primarily revolved around the dynamics of supply and and demand This was so espe- cially during challenging market conditions such as the pandemic when prices tended 38 truck & bus news 2024/2 to to drop as some companies prioritised se- curing projects to to sustain production To maintain competitiveness Khaw em- phasised the importance of embracing new technology and and innovative designs and and ensuring good after-sales service These factors were pivotal in in in in in staying rel- evant and thriving amid the ever-evolving industry trends In the the the Malaysian market Khaw noted that the the the main driving force was the the the regulation set by the the Road Transport Department (JPJ) Other factors normally involved integrating new accessories based on customer preferences and internal inno- vations within the company “Customisation is is a a a a norm and requested by all customers in in the bus builder indus- try Regulatory compliance could not be compromised especially concerning di- mensions like length width height and loading capacity Moreover Environmen- tal Social and Governance (ESG) adher- 

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