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LST Tyre Centre Expands to Truck Maintenance Services

Since early 2019, LST Tyre Centre has expanded to providing truck maintenance services. 

LST Tyre Centre Provides New Truck Tyre & Related Services

LST Tyre Centre Sdn Bhd, based in Taman Perindustrian Puchong, is a specialist sale and service provider of new truck tyres and related services such balancing and alignment. With more than 15 years’ experience in this industry, it has over the years invested in new high tech equipment such as the Josam CV-liner wheel alignment from Europe

LST Tyre Centre was also appointed as a TECH service centre for proper tyre repair services. The company has a 24-hour, 365-day tyre repair call-out centre that covers Peninsular Malaysia. The majority of its customers are fleet companies that are involved in the haulage and refrigerated truck industry. 

Since early 2019, LST Tyre Centre has expanded to providing truck maintenance services such as lubricant related services and brake disc and clutch replacement. 

Lau Seng Thay, Director of LST Tyre Centre, said: “Most of our customers are long term loyal clients as they are satisfied with our service over the years. They have repeatedly requested us to start providing them with maintenance services for their trucks as they trust that we would do a good job. After careful planning, we hired 2 mechanics to join our existing team of 6 tyre technicians to provide a one-stop solution for our customers. We have received positive feedback so far and we have plans to further expand to offering more services.” 




位于蒲种工业园的圣諟轮胎中心LST Tyre Centre),专门从事新卡车轮胎销售及相关服务如轮胎平衡和定位。拥有超过15年丰富轮胎行业经验的它,这些年来投资于全新的欧洲高科技设备如优胜CV-liner 车轮定位仪。

圣諟轮胎中心被委任为泰克(TECH)轮胎修补服务中心,旨在为客户提供正确的轮胎修补。 该公司拥有一个365天24小时的轮胎修补呼叫中心,覆盖整个马来西亚半岛。他们的客户大部分是车队公司,主要来自物流和冷冻卡车行业。


圣諟轮胎中心董事刘成堂表示:“我们大部分的客户都是长期的忠诚客户,因为他们对我们这些年来所提供的服务感到满意。他们不断地要求我们为他们的卡车提供养护服务,因为他们相信我们能够做得很好。经过谨慎的规划,在现有的团队下,我们另外聘请了两名技术人员和6 名轮胎技术员,为客户提供一站式的解决方案。我们取得相当正面的反馈,并计划进一步扩展我们的服务。”



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