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Lorry Operators Support No Toll Hike

The Pan-Malaysia Lorry Owners’ Association has welcomed the recent proposal by Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd not to raise the toll rates of PLUS highways for 20 years and has issued an appeal to the Government to weigh in to resolve the issue of toll rates.

In a prepared media statement Association president Anthony Tan said that the move would be beneficial for the logistics industry and all road users. “Not only that,” he said, “it is beneficial for the Government, as the company intends to reduce contingent liabilities and forfeit the Government’s toll compensation to PLUS.”

“Moreover,” he continued, “the company is proposing to enhance security along the highway. As we have invested substantially in our trucks, this would be another welcome move, which would attract more lorry operators to utilise the highway.

“We have also read with some concern media reports on the proposal by UEM Edgenta Berhad for a contract of over RM 20 billion to maintain all PLUS highways for 21 years. This figure seems significantly high, and we are concerned that this will lead to toll hikes which would burden lorry operators as well as other road users. These would make Malaysia uncompetitive in the world economy,” he added.

According to news reports, UEM Edgenta’s proposal further states they will lower maintenance costs for PLUS highways. As UEM Edgenta is already an existing provider for PLUS, Tan said he found it “Disconcerting” the the company was only planning to do this now.

“UEM Edgenta also mentions in their proposal other capital investments they plan to undertake such as establishing a road resurfacing research centre and setting up plants along the highway,” said Tan. “We are unclear as to what this would entail, whether this is necessary, and if this will have an impact on costs. Ultimately the interests of the road users must be protected, and these matters must all be addressed. The logistics industry cannot be facing increment of toll rates once every three to five years.”


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