MAN Malaysia Showcases MAN Electric City Bus Chassis at Gemilang International HQ

MAN Malaysia

Beginning from 2023, MAN Malaysia would offer the zero emission, all-electric bus chassis powered by low-emission Euro V engines.

MAN Malaysia Continues to Drive Change Towards Sustainable Mobility 

MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd and Gemilang International Limited (GML), a Hong Kong-listed bus and bus body manufacturer based in Malaysia, recently showcased the MAN eBus chassis for the first time in Malaysia. This special preview for bus operators and government officials was held at GML’s headquarters in Senai, Johor. 

MAN Malaysia Managing Director Andrew O’Brooks is confident that the MAN eBus chassis, with its flexibility and proven performance, would be the perfect platform for Malaysian bus operators to transition to electromobility.

Beginning from 2023, MAN Malaysia would offer the zero emission, all-electric bus chassis along with conventional chassis powered by low-emission Euro V engines as the company continues to drive change towards sustainable mobility in the public transport sector of Malaysia.....

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曼恩商用车辆(马)私人有限公司和总部位于马来西亚的香港上市公司——巴士和巴士车身制造商彭顺国际有限公司(Gemilang International Limited)近期联手,首次展示曼恩电动巴士底盘。这个专为巴士运营商和政府官员主办的特别预览会,在彭顺国际位于柔佛州士乃的总部举行。 

马来西亚曼恩董事经理奥布鲁克斯(Andrew O'Brooks)相信,曼恩电动巴士底盘凭借其灵活性和已获证实的性能,将成为大马巴士运营商向电动汽车领域转型的完美机会。 





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