First Batch of New MAN Truck Generation with Euro V Engine Now in Malaysia

MAN Malaysia

MAN Malaysia recently handed over the first batch of its new MAN Truck Generation vehicles to customers. 

MAN Customers Getting Ready for Sustainability Journey 

MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd recently hosted a celebration party at its assembly plant in Serendah, Selangor to hand over the first batch of its new MAN Truck Generation vehicles to customers. 

Seven new MAN Truck Generation vehicles, each powered by a low emission engine that meets Euro V standards, were handed to six transport companies – two of whom are first-time MAN truck customers. 

At the event, MAN Malaysia Managing Director Andrew O’Brooks thanked the customers for joining the sustainability journey with MAN. “In November 2021, MAN became the first truck manufacturer in Malaysia to offer Euro V engines as standard across its entire product portfolio. It was a bold move as we were challenging Malaysian transporters to join the journey and take the lead in reducing carbon emissions....."

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大马曼恩董事经理奥布鲁克斯(Andrew O’Brooks)在交车仪式上感谢客户加入曼恩的可持续性发展之旅。他说:“202111月,曼恩成为大马第一家在其整个产品组合中标配欧V引擎的卡车制造商。这是一个大胆的举措,因为我们正在挑战大马运输业者加入这一旅程,成为减少碳排放的领头羊......”


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