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New MAN Trucks to Power FGV Transport Services’ Container Haulage Business

MAN Trucks FGV Transport

The MAN TGS trucks are assembled in Serendah, Selangor by MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN Malaysia).

FGV Added New MAN TGS Prime Movers to its Fleet

FGV Transport Services Sdn Bhd (FTSSB) recently added 41 New MAN TGS prime movers with low emission Euro V specification engines to its land transport fleet as it ramps up its container haulage business.

The latest addition to FTSSB’s fleet comprises five MAN TGS 4x2s and 10 6x2s, both of which would be used for container haulage. The remaining 26 MAN TGS 6x4s are ideal for heavy-duty cargo transportation.

The MAN TGS trucks are assembled in Serendah, Selangor by MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN Malaysia), a wholly owned subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus SE of Germany.

FGV Holdings Berhad Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dato’ Mohd Nazrul Izam Mansor received the first 15 New MAN TGS trucks from MAN Malaysia Managing Director Andrew O’Brooks and General Manager Thayalan Subramaniam at FTSSB’s logistics hub in Shah Alam.

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FGV运输服务有限公司 (FTSSB) 近期为其陆路运输车队添购了41辆配备低碳排的欧V引擎的全新曼恩TGS牵引车,以强化其集装箱运输业务。

FTSSB车队的新成员包括将用于集装箱车业务的5辆曼恩TGS 4×2和10辆6×2卡车。其馀的26辆曼恩TGS 6×4则将用于重型集装箱运输业务。

此批曼恩TGS卡车,由德国曼恩商用车公司(MAN Truck & Bus SE)独资子公司曼恩商用车(马)私人有限公司座落在雪兰莪双文丹(Serendah)的本地装配厂组装完成。

FGV控股有限公司集团首席执行长拿督莫纳奴尔(Mohd Nazrul Izam Mansor)在FTSSB位于沙亚南的物流中心,从大马曼恩董事经理安德鲁(Andrew O’Brooks)和总经理塔亚兰(Thayalan Subramaniam)手中接收了首批15辆全新曼恩TGS卡车。


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