Fuso Expanded Mounting Specifications For Electric Light-Duty Truck


Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Co., Ltd has expanded the mounting specifications of the electric light-duty truck "eCanter".

Fuso Propose Specifications for Customer's Intended Use 

MFTBC is the first "eCanter" in Japan to use two freezing and refrigerating vehicles with an in-flight drying function. This refrigerated truck, which was designed by the freight maker Toprek Co., Ltd divides the inside of the refrigerator into two front and rear rooms, and the temperature of the frozen zone is (-30 ° C). Since it can be set in a wide range of temperatures, from refrigerated (chilled), normal temperature, and heated to (+30 ° C), it can be used for a variety of cargo such as food and pharmaceuticals. 

In addition, by installing an in-fridge drying device, there is no need to wipe off dew water and wait for drying, which contributes to reducing the burden on workers and shortening the work time. It suppresses the growth of germs due to dew condensation inside the fridge and keeps it clean. The two "eCanters" will be used for delivery operations starting from KRS's Tokyo SLC. Fuso delivered two "eCanter" Japan's first side-open specification container vehicles to Tonami Transport Co., Ltd. This specification uses a kit from Nippon Trex Co., Ltd and was installed by Tonami Transport's Tonami Maintenance Factory.

The height of the side panel when opened is lower than that of the body, making it suitable for collection and delivery to eaves and buildings with low ceilings. The side panels open at an angle close to parallel to the ground, which also serves as a sun and rain shield. The two trucksof this specification delivered this time will be used for delivery in Toyama city. MFTBC will continue to propose "eCanter" specifications that match the intended use in order to meet the needs of their customers.

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