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Volta Trucks Shortlisted for Motor Transport Innovation Award

Volta Trucks Motor Transport

Volta Trucks have been shortlisted for the Innovation Award, at this year’s prestigious Motor Transport Awards, in partnership with Goodyear

Volta Trucks Has Been Nominated for Motor Transport Award

Motor Transport Award recognises that the road transport sector is going through unprecedented levels of change as it strives to deliver great service while cutting emissions, improving safety and addressing the skills shortage, all while delivering a profit. This award is for the most innovative new product or service that addresses any of these issues. Volta Trucks is delighted that the world’s first fully electric, 16-tonne commercial vehicle, the Volta Zero, has been recognised.

The majority of pedestrian and cyclist deaths on city-centre streets are attributable to large, conventionally fuelled commercial vehicles, where air quality is also at its worst. The industry also faces huge challenges with driver recruitment and retention, and the need for a more premium working environment. Volta Trucks’ mission is to address these issues, by decarbonising last-mile logistics, and making city centre environments safer, more pleasant and sustainable places to live and work in. 

Carl-Magnus Norden, founder of Volta Trucks recognised the opportunity that the migration from internal combustion engines to electrification presented, in terms of safety, environmental and societal benefits.  Listening to the concerns of fleet managers, he also understood the challenges faced when transitioning fleets to electric, and decided to act. The result is Volta Trucks and the first vehicle, the full-electric 16-tonne Volta Zero, which will be on operating on city streets by the end of this year. For more than 35 years, the Motor Transport Awards have been seen as a benchmark for excellence among UK road transport fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers and innovators. 

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